3 Strategies for Shifting Gears from the Low Road to the High Road

In Divorce it is easy to get consumed by what I call “The Reptile” – the survival part of our brains that scan for danger multiple times per second and find potential danger lurking behind every interaction. That primitive part of our brain, the reptilian brain, feeds on fear and sees threats everywhere.

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10 CDC Coaches release book: Divorce: Taking the High Road - Simple Strategies for Creating a Healthy Divorce

Congratulations to the 10 CDC Certified Divorce Coaches who stepped up to create a book on taking the high road in divorce.

Our book Divorce: Taking the High Road – Simple Strategies for Creating a Healthy Divorce provides concrete and specific steps in each chapter to help those divorcing overcome the challenges that will derail

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4 Good Reasons to Act Now to Become a CDC Certified Divorce Coach®!

If becoming a certified divorce coach is something you have been thinking about – let me give you a few more reasons for thinking about it even harder about enrolling right now for our Aug/Sept – December classes!

January and February are the months in which the most divorces are initiated in the US. Wouldn’t

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Pssst! What to know the secret for getting more clients for divorce coaching?

What do you think gets between divorce coaches and getting more clients?

You guessed it! FEAR!

Fear of looking bad! Fear of failure! Fear of feeling stupid! Fear of not knowing what to say!

Fear is really an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real! We make up these stories we tell ourselves about how we

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How Do You Avoid the Biggest Mistakes in Divorce?

The biggest mistakes that people make in divorce revolve around their own internal assumptions and beliefs which cause them to take actions which lead to the other big legal and financial mistakes in divorce.

Fixed versus Growth Mindsets

Once you have made up your mind about something, that is the way it is and

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Where is Your Experience with Divorce Going to Take You Next?

If you are like many of the professionals who pursue the path of divorce coach, you have gotten your experience with divorce through a combination of personal experience, necessity, and a lot of learning by doing!

Whether you are a family attorney or mediator who has been in the trenches; a mental health professional

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5 Secrets to Taking the High Road in Divorce

1. You are the one who benefits most from taking the “High Road”!

Have you ever noticed how toxic and painful it is to lock horns with someone? When it happens in our household even my cats gets agitated and goes around in circles meowing in a very stressed out tone. Imagine the impact on

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Personal Divorce Coaching: Changing the Face of Divorce

What a Personal Divorce Coach IS and IS NOT!

The CDC Certified Divorce Coach® helps the individual caught in the overwhelm of divorce to make the best decisions possible for their future based on their particular wants, needs and concerns and supports them in moving forward towards that future one step at a time. To

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Is now the right time for you to become a CDC Certified Divorce Coach?

Is now the right time for you to become a CDC Certified Divorce Coach?

Being on the fence can be a very uncomfortable place to be!

Uncertainty or indecision can impact you in many different ways. And the opposite side of that coin is also true – making a decision and then moving forward

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Is There a Place for a Personal Divorce Coach in the Collaborative Law Process?

Our divorce coaching practice was contacted by a client involved in the collaborative law divorce process who found that he needed a thinking partner to examine the offers that had been put on the table during the collaborative process. It was beginning to look to everyone, including the attorneys, that there were no other options

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