Divorce Coaching Could Be The Key to Ending the Impact of Divorce on Families

We see in the headlines every day the terrible hostilities between people, the seeming disregard for human life and the many signs which point to the breakdown of the family and the influence it could have in shaping the ideas and values of the next generation.

Divorce definitely plays a role in this. According to

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Is Becoming a Divorce Coach Something You Have Been Thinking About?

Have you been sitting on the fence about your career or your work? That is an uncomfortable place to be – I know that because I was there for well over 5 years – maybe even longer. Itching to leave what I was doing and to use my strengths doing something I wanted to do.

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3 Strategies for Overcoming Feeling Powerless in the Divorce Process and Being Someone who is Heard!

You are not alone! The divorce process can make you feel very out of control and often powerless. And everyone has advice for you – friends, family, professionals you might meet! There is rarely someone you meet who doesn’t offer you their ideas for how to survive the gut-wrenching divorce process.

Here are my

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3 Secrets to Assembling a Divorce Team!

who is your divorce team

Divorce is not something you want to do alone!

In celebrating the recent World Series win of the Chicago Cubs, Ben Zobrist, nominated as MVP for the 2016 World Series acknowledged all of the members of the team and shared the spotlight with other players who each contributed to the winning moves that took the

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4 Ways To Turn the Story of Divorce into the Business of Divorce

I know if you have worked with people going through a divorce, you may have been overwhelmed by their story about the divorce. It can come at you like a fire hose!! Our job must be to put on our oxygen mask first so that we can more effectively keep ourselves from becoming overwhelmed and

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3 Benefits from Leveraging Your Graduate Degree in Divorce from the School of Street Learning

I know that you have some hard-earned experience from the School of Street Learning about Divorce!

You probably feel very qualified to help others either avoid the mistakes you made OR take advantage of the unique success that you experienced with your divorce? Which one is it?

So let me tell you the 3 benefits

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Certified Divorce Coach Training and Certification Takes the Guesswork out of Divorce Coaching!

The CDC Certified Divorce Coach Program is celebrating it’s 5th year of classes this fall, beating the odds of success for many small businesses. There are many factors that have contributed to our being able to beat the odds:

1. Randy and I were unstoppable in our belief that there were other people like us

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3 Strategies for Shifting Gears from the Low Road to the High Road

In Divorce it is easy to get consumed by what I call “The Reptile” – the survival part of our brains that scan for danger multiple times per second and find potential danger lurking behind every interaction. That primitive part of our brain, the reptilian brain, feeds on fear and sees threats everywhere.

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10 CDC Coaches release book: Divorce: Taking the High Road - Simple Strategies for Creating a Healthy Divorce

Congratulations to the 10 CDC Certified Divorce Coaches who stepped up to create a book on taking the high road in divorce.

Our book Divorce: Taking the High Road – Simple Strategies for Creating a Healthy Divorce provides concrete and specific steps in each chapter to help those divorcing overcome the challenges that will derail

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4 Good Reasons to Act Now to Become a CDC Certified Divorce Coach®!

If becoming a certified divorce coach is something you have been thinking about – let me give you a few more reasons for thinking about it even harder about enrolling right now for our Aug/Sept – December classes!

January and February are the months in which the most divorces are initiated in the US. Wouldn’t

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