Moving Clients from Emotional to Credible

Many people mistakenly believe they can get emotional justice in the divorce process. Divorce is designed to reach agreement on how the property, parenting, and payments will shared in the divorce settlement.

By helping your client to get clarity and confidence in themselves to handle this process as the serious business that it is – they have a much greater say in redefining their future and the courage to stand up for what is important for them and their family.

Your client isn’t going to come to you asking how they can become more credible. But if you are a divorce professional, you are dreaming about such a client because you are exhausted by the divorce story that your client keeps retelling. What you want is a client who can focus on:

  • The business of divorce,
  • Ask good questions,
  • Communicate effectively,
  • Make quick responses when you need them and
  • The client has reasonable expectations of you, the process, and what they can expect.

How can you make that happen?  We’ll give you a few tips you can use right now

This FREE Masterclass Session is for YOU if you:

  • Are frustrated in listening to the divorce story over and over and over but don’t know how to turn focus around!
  • Want to have a client that engages more fully in getting organized for the process and doesn’t require so much hand-holding!
  • Can see that there is a better way to help your clients let go of the emotional decision-making and learn the skills they need be better clients in the process!
  • Are exhausted by clients who you have to ask over and over and over for what you need to keep the process moving forward!


What you will take away from this Masterclass Session:


  • Learn 5 simple strategies for turning your client into a credible client
  • Understand how to refocus your client on decisions to be made – the business of divorce.
  • Look at the triggers that cause clients to respond as though threatened; plus
  • The emotions that hijack us and the thinking that undermines us

When you meet individuals, who are struggling with their divorce, you want to provide the kind of support they really need – good solid practical support that keeps them focused forward and helps them to participate more effectively in the divorce process. Divorce Coaching is all about helping the client to move forward, take the high road, and make the best possible decisions for their future based on their wants, needs and concerns.

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