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Taking the High Road: Supporting Clients Leaning Toward a More Holistic and Amicable Divorce Solution

Many people are told by “experts” that if the other person doesn’t go along with the idea of an amicable divorce, it is impossible to do it by yourself. We have collected real-life examples of proof that isn’t so.

Holistic Amicable Divorce is not a destination nor an outcome.  It is a mindset and a series of choices every day to take the high road, to stay true to who you are at your best, even during difficult times, to pay attention to your children and their needs, to model how to deal with disappointments and loss,  and to stand strong in advocating for what is important in the long run for the whole family.

The training for this certification is appropriately called  “Taking the High Road: Supporting Clients Leaning Toward a More Holistic and Amicable Divorce Solution”

With or without agreement from their spouse, one spouse can commit to focusing on what is most important, setting their intention for how they will manage this challenging situation to maintain their dignity throughout the process.


Mindset is a big part of it, holistic skills in being able to calm the nervous system, to develop a thicker skin for conflict, for dealing with negative reactions from your spouse, tools and frameworks to support your client in choosing their response in each moment, for discerning between helpful people and  bad advice, and for choosing the best legal  process for divorce given the dynamics between your client and their partner.

CDC Holistic Divorce Coach™ Training and Certification


There are many twists and turns on the high road, and frequent detours may require being well equipped with resources and provisions for the trip, navigating around the obstacles they will encounter both from above and below.  We know that a holistic approach to  Amicable Divorce isn’t necessarily an “easy” divorce, and it takes a commitment to yourself and your family and extended community to be the best you can be throughout the process regardless of what the other person does.

For that reason, we train coaches on how to create an environment where their client can:

  • consistently focus on what is most important in the long run,
  • keep their children safe and supported in loving both parents,
  • effectively advocate for themselves and their children,
  • deal calmly and strategically with the resistance and conflict they may encounter during the divorce, and
  • build a team where the professionals support cooperation instead of adversarial positions, reinforcing the guardrails on the high road,

so that an occasional detour is just that – a mandate to get back on the high road where the air is cleaner, the road is less crowded, and peace of mind may be just around the next curve in the road.

In eight, 2-hour sessions held on a weekly basis, we will explore:

  • a series of different scenarios that your clients may encounter, from on end of the conflict spectrum to the other
  • exploring the mindset and the lessons learned in each situation
  • the tools or frameworks that support the ultimate desired outcome, and
  • the legal process that supports the client in doing the best they can do.
  • You will also get resources and referrals to selecting a team and
  • A strategy for making your Holistic and Amicable Divorce Certification more visible.

So that in looking back at the experience, your client is proud of how they handled themselves, they feel much stronger and more resilient, and they have peace of mind that they did the best they could for themselves, their family, and their extended community. In the not-too-distant future, they could be looking forward to celebrating important milestones  for their children with both parents there, if not this year, then maybe next year.

CDC Holistic Divorce Coach™

Eight 2-hour sessions
Tuesdays from 4-6 pm ET
May 14, 21, 28
June 4, 11, 18, 25
July 2

Orientation: May 8 or 9  from 4-5 pm ET

The cost is $990. Payment options: One payment in advance of $890 – 2 payments of $495 or 3 payments of $340.

CDC Holistic Divorce Coach Interest

If you are already a CDC Certified Divorce Coach, please make sure to use the same Name and email address as you have in your specialtycoachtraining.com account.

Modules Include:

1. Choosing the High Road 
2. How do You Need to Feel to Do What You Want to Do?
3. The Three Keys to Amicable Co-Parenting!
4. Long-Term Betrayal –Negotiating for Results
5. Difficult Conversations – The Key to New Awareness
6. The Evolution of Family and Kindness
7. Holistic Practices to Support Your Clients
8. Alliances and Education:  Making Your Practice Visible

Hear What Graduates Have To Say:


“Adding a specialty certification was a genius decision for me. Those specialty classes added powerful skills, deeper understanding, and effective tools that took my coaching to the next level. I now confidently offer full-service coaching – not only nuts and bolts of the divorce process but far beyond as I help clients create an authentic, rewarding life. Seeing them transition into living their best lives in an amazing new story is the best reward for me as a coach, and I never tire of helping them design and step confidently into their next chapter.”

Jennifer Johnston Crow, CDC ®

“I highly recommend the CDC specialty certification courses. The class helped me personally as well as assisted me with my post-divorce clients. In addition, as a certified divorce coach, it gave me tools to keep clients coming back for more coaching work that I’m now qualified to help with.

I have also used this course to form a new support group for people in the post-divorce phase of their lives. The instructors were all fabulous, and the tools, discussions, and guest speakers were extremely useful. All divorce coaches could benefit from this fantastic course!”

Susan NY, CDC®

CDC Holistic Divorce Coach™ Advisory Group


A group of professionals from various backgrounds and who are also CDC Certified Divorce Coaches dedicated their time and energy to identify the content for the Specialty Coach Training and Specialty Certifications. Together all members of the advisory group participated in the Pilot Program, each taking part in the weekly sessions, contributing additional insight and bringing a richness to the topics and discussions because of their own intimate involvement in the experience that their clients may also be having.

Laila Aitken

Jennifer Perri

Jennifer Warren Medwin

Molly Wilder

Why You Need Specialty Certification


The importance of a dual specialty certification for: CDC Holistic Divorce Coach™ and CDC Amicable Divorce Coach®

Building on the in-depth CDC® Certified Divorce Coach® Training that each coach brings to the table, we are expanding on the holistic practices and adding the opportunity to look at each of the range of situations your client may be facing in their commitment to be true to themselves and the health and well-being of their children and their whole extended family structure during the divorce process. The certifications are built on real life experiences, and science backed approaches to supporting clients in healthy, holistic and whole mind, body and spirit ways so that they can take this new foundation into the next chapter of their life and the coach finds a multitude of new ways to enhance their own experience and expand their practice.

CDC Specialty Coach Training Certifications are vital supplemental credentials designed exclusively for CDC Certified Divorce Coaches seeking to engage clients grappling not only with the intricacies of divorce, but also with additional challenging factors specific to each specialty certification. These certifications provide advanced coaching tools, alongside specialized expertise and knowledge necessary to address amplified concerns that arise within the dissolution of marriage. By obtaining these specialty certifications, divorce coaches enhance their ability to attract clients seeking guidance through complex circumstances, thus offering a more comprehensive and tailored approach to support during the divorce journey.

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