Surprising Ways to Shift Entrenched Positions and Avoid the Biggest Mistakes in Divorce

There is a common thread that runs through the biggest mistakes which are at the root of many of the legal and financial decisions that are made in divorce – and it is a common thread that divorce coaches are trained to handle!

Our perspectives and beliefs dictate our decisions. Shifting these perspectives and beliefs can open up new options, new choices, and new results.


    • Everyone Can See these Positions that Seem Intractable!
    • And few really have any idea about how to turn off that switch so they can get the person to be rational and listen to reason on this topic!
    • And these intractable positions are at the root on many legal and financial mistakes that clients make.
    • We will look at what usually happens in these cases.
    • And will offer some surprising alternatives which have a far better chance of working!

This FREE Masterclass Session is for YOU if you:

  • Are feeling powerless from stopping your clients in their tracks when you see them making one of these big mistakes.
  • Can’t seem to convince someone to re-think a choice they are making that you know will have serious consequences!
  • You want to help people avoid some of the pitfalls of decision-making which may have significant financial implications!
  • Want to find a more comprehensive way to help individuals through this challenging divorce process and major life change.


What you will take away from this Masterclass Session:


  • Recognize when your client is about to make one of these mistakes
  • Understand the consequences of these mistakes
  • Understand the 4 obvious pitfalls of decision making
  • Understand just how to support your clients BEFORE they go too far
  • Have a few questions in your back pocket that shift a client’s perspective
  • Connect your clients to their better self so they can make a different decision

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