CDC Certified Divorce Coach® program Leaders and Co-Founders

Pegotty Cooper, MBA, CDC®, Certified Coach


Pegotty is President and Co- founder of Divorce Coaching, Inc., a firm that trains and certifies individuals to become personal Divorce Coaches. She is also a co-author of the recently released best-selling book Taking the High Road in Divorce – Simple Strategies for Creating a Healthy Divorce and Divorce: Overcome the Overwhelm and Avoid the Six Biggest Mistakes.

Pegotty started her own coaching practice in 2003, after 25 years working in executive positions in large organizations. She’s been coaching and assisting people going through the divorce process for more than a decade.

In 2011, she and Randy developed the curriculum for the CDC Certified Divorce Coach Training and Certification in collaboration with Harvey Hyman, J.D., Ph.D.; Tonya Quillen MA, LMHC, Psychotherapist; and Wendy Coughlin Ph.D. Parenting Coordinator; and began training and certifying divorce coaches. The vision for Divorce Coaching is to change the experience of divorce and help people take the high road, maintain their dignity and have peace of mind through the process.

In addition to her experience in life and business, Pegotty’s qualifications include training from several highly reputable coach training organizations: the Coach Training Alliance, 6 Advisors Coaching Academy, Arbinger Institute, ReCareer Institute, the Productive Tension Institute, Center for Conflict Dynamics, and Foundation for Inspired Learning.

She also earned an MBA from Rutgers University and a BA from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Randall R. Cooper


Randall is Co-founder and Co-owner of Divorce Coaching, Inc.
Lead Instructor in the CDC Certified Divorce Coach Training Program
CDC Certified Divorce Coach®

Certified Financial Planner®, practitioner
Certified Financial Educator™
Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®
Supreme Court of Florida Certified Family Mediator
Certified Retirement Coach
Financial Coach™
Leadership Coach for the MBA program, University of Tampa

Mr. Cooper has helped people in the financial services arena for 30 years. He is an hourly, fee-only financial expert, as well as a coach for retirement and financial matters generally.

He also works in the area of Dissolution of Marriage (Divorce) with clients as a financial professional, coach, and mediator working toward workable divorce settlements.

The CDC Program® Instructors and Administrators

In addition to Randy Cooper who is a Supreme Court of Florida Certified Family Mediator, CDFA and CFP and Pegotty Cooper, Certified Divorce Coach and owner of her own coaching practice for the past 11 years, there are several knowledgeable and respected professionals we have gathered to help you understand all facets of the challenges your divorce clients will be facing, and how to work effectively with the professionals in the divorce process:

Tracy Callahan, MA

Manager of the CDC Mentor Coaching Program

Tracy became a CDC Certified Divorce Coach in 2014 and was a driving force in the inception of the Mentor Coaching Program. As a graduate of the CDC program, Tracy recognized how imperative it was for new trainees of the program to work with experienced and practicing CDC Certified Coaches. Over the years, Tracy has been an ongoing mentor in the program working with new professionals in developing their skill sets and coaching competencies to become successful CDC graduates and practicing CDC Certified Divorce Coaches. As a former Adjunct Instructor at New York University and Mentor for the Unified Court System in New York, Tracy’s brings over ten years of training and instructing experience to the CDC Mentor Coaching Program.

In addition to her role as a Certified Divorce Coach, Tracy is an experienced Florida Supreme Court Certified Family and Divorce Mediator, as well as the founder of her coaching and mediating practice Mediating-Matters, LLC. Tracy is not only committed to the development of professionals in the field but also to her clients and families impacted by divorce. Tracy received her BS and MA from New York University in healthcare and worked as a healthcare administrator and operations specialist for many years before joining the field of mediation and divorce.

Wendy Ellen Coughlin, Ph.D.

Instructor for Coaching Parents and Communicating with Children About Divorce

Dr. Coughlin is a Psychotherapist in private practice. She provides individual, couple and family counseling and consultation, and information and referrals. It is her goal as a psychotherapist to assist people in moving from a state of dis-ease to a state of ease in handling life situations. Dr. Coughlin has studied many specialty areas of psychology. These areas include but are not limited to: family therapy, adolescents, behavioral addictions, substance addictions, eating disorders, gifted issues, trauma, mediation, and parenting coordination.

Dr. Coughlin earned a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Clinical Psychology from Union Institute and is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor as well as a Supreme Court of Florida Certified Family Mediator and a Qualified Parenting Coordinator.

Maida Farrar

Instructor for The Unauthorized Practice of Law: Understanding the Boundary between Divorce Coaching and the Practice of Law.

Madia is a Family Law Attorney licensed in both California and Florida (inactive) as well as a Certified Divorce Coach. With a heavy focus towards mediation and coaching, Maida offers unique alternatives for her clients to the traditional divorce process. She helps her clients make informed decisions about the divorce process, set and maintain healthy boundaries, manage their emotions, set goals, create a workable action plan to achieve those goals, and find balance between the legal process and moving on with their lives. She also acts in the capacity of an instructor and lecturer concerning coaching and the practice of law. Maida received her law degree from University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law and holds a BA in the field of Psychology from Appalachian State University.

Tonya Quillen, MA, LMHC, TEP

Instructor for The Boundary Between Divorce Coaching and Therapy

Tonya is a Licensed Psychotherapist, Trainer of Psychodrama, Sociometry and Group Psychotherapy, and an Executive Leadership Coach. In practice for over 20 years, she works with individuals, families and couples addressing trauma, eating disorders, alcoholic family systems, depression, divorce, anxiety, grief and loss, the adoption triad (birth family, adoptive family and adoptee) and personal growth. As a Leadership Coach Tonya offers short and long-term development with individuals and teams addressing core concepts such as preparing for difficult conversations and facilitating conflict resolution, identifying behavioral preferences and motivational values, envisioning and implementing a leadership style, developing strategic thinking, identifying and facilitating the developmental stages of a team, managing up and mentoring subordinates.

Denise Hedges

Instructor for High Impact Marketing and Your Divorce Coaching Practice

Denise is a passionate speaker and results-oriented business development and speaking coach with over 30 years experience in public speaking, sales, and marketing.

She absolutely loves to speak, and loves to teach coaches, consultants, and other service professionals how to use speaking to build their practices. Her speaker coaching, whether private or in groups, focuses on teaching other business owners how to create the same exceptional results she has! Audience members are encouraged, motivated, and inspired by her authenticity and passion.

She holds the designation of PCC – Professional Certified Coach – one of the highest distinctions awarded by the International Coach Federation. Denise is a certified graduate of Coach University and a member of the Coach U Faculty, teaching marketing and business development.

She also holds a Masters Degree in Counseling and a BA in Psychology from the State University of New York. As a highly effective Introduction Leader trained by Landmark Education Corporation, Denise led Introductions to the Landmark Forum, a transformational program offered in more than 100 cities worldwide.

Contact Denise through her website:

Joe Malinowski

Instructor for Building Your Business Through Social Media
Senior Marketing Strategist

After founding a legal insurance agency and later a networking website, Joe Malinowski met Mark Katz and partnered with him in 2011 to develop a full-service business strategy firm. His community and networking involvement is also extensive. And he was recently recognized as one of 40 under 40 by the Tampa Bay Business Journal.

What made Joe’s strategies different than other marketers was that it was intertwined with a company’s offline engagement. Joe helps business owners and marketing managers by collaborating on the development of their marketing strategy in order to allow them set goals, action plans, and to avoid “shiny object syndrome.” Joe is a firm believer in social proof and that social validation is the best form of marketing for any and all companies. You are much more likely to make a buying decision based off a friend’s recommendation, right?

To date, his company has already helped, on a one-on-one basis, HUNDREDS of diverse companies with their marketing strategy, social validation acquisition, website development, social media engagement, online sales and plan implementation.

For the CDC Certified Divorce Coach Program®, Joe provides a very hands-on, practical approach to starting down the social media path to gain visibility for your coaching practice.

Debra Block, CDC®, M.B.A

CDC Peer Coaching Program Manager

Debra became a CDC Certified Divorce Coach in 2012, strengthening her skills in guiding clients through divorce, as well as, reinforcing her credentials within the divorce related profession. Deb is dedicated to helping to minimize the impact of divorce on individuals and families.

Throughout the development of Deb’s private coaching practice, she has remained committed to supporting the CDC training program. Deb has focused her attention to working with Pegotty and Randy on the development and implementation of the Peer Coaching Program. Since it’s introduction in 2014, the Peer Program as grown to be a valued contributor to the successful coaching development of the CDC graduates. Currently, Deb works closely with Merry Berger, the CDC Mentor Program Manager to insure the programs are fluid and fully represent the CDC standards for training outside the classroom.

Marilyn Williams

CDC Enrollment and Certification Manager

Marilyn handles all of the tracking of CDC Course Enrollments, Certification and Certification Renewals and Customer Service for the participants in the CDC Program.

Marilyn moved to the Tampa Bay area in 2016 to be near her grandchildren after retirement from 30+ years in senior leadership positions with United Way in Cleveland and as Executive Director in Defiance OH and Greenville, NC.

Marilyn is happy to answer any of your questions about accessing course materials, accessing GoReact, completing your certification once having completed the Divorce Coaching Intensive, tracking the submission of your listing and profile page in the Find-A-Divorce Coach Directory, plus anything else. If she doesn’t know the answer, she will find the answer for you or point you to the best person to answer your question.

Miriam Shaya-King MA, EAT, GDCR, CDC®

Divorce Coach Forum LinkedIn Group Manager

Miriam is the Host of the Divorce Coaching Forum on LinkedIn for Certified Divorce Coach.

She is an Expressive Arts Therapist, Family & Couples Mediator, and CDC Certified Divorce Coach®. Miriam received her Masters of Arts degree with a Major in Expressive Arts Therapy and a Minor in Psychology, cum laude, in 2000 as well as her Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in Research, Leadership & Training in Expressive Arts Therapy, Education and Consulting in 2003 from the European Graduate School in Leuk, Switzerland. Miriam obtained her Graduate Diploma in Conflict Resolution from Carleton University in Canada in 2013 and became a CDC Certified Divorce Coach in 2015.

As a certified divorce coach, Miriam specializes in working with professionals who are involved in high- conflict situations and helps them work through their separation and divorce and provide them with being able to maintain their dignity and grace; have less conflict and work towards creating mutual agreements outside of the courts. In doing this, they will be more productive at work, have less stress, and save money. At present, Miriam is focused on supporting clients in their life transitions by using expressive arts therapy, certified divorce coaching, and mediation in order for the client to achieve their best results.

Kara Brown

Website Manager – CDC Directory Manager

Kara Brown is an independent graphic designer, fine artist, and the Website Manager for CDC. She creates and maintains the Find-A-Coach Directory and the individual Coach Profile Pages. When not designing graphics or websites she is painting, illustrating, gardening, or generally enjoying herself in Asheville, NC.

For inquiries about additions to this site contact her via

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