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When the marriage settlement agreement (divorce decree) is finalized, and all of the other professionals have gone away, your client faces a whole new set of challenges.  Traveling the path to the “new normal” is often a lonely one.  With all of the promises that life after divorce offers, there are also plenty of pitfalls to avoid.


We want to equip you with new tools and resources so you will be able to work with clients more confidently to help them in the following ways:

  • Clarity and purpose for the resets they need to make: new identity, acquiring skills for their new role as head of the household, finding a path the financial stability, and creating a new support system and new friends to provide important connections.
  • Working with the emotions that signal there is still grieving and healing to tend to – and having hope that this too shall pass!
  • Finding their mojo. Saying yes to their new life and creating the boundaries to ensure a safe and healthy environment for becoming the person they imagine themselves to be, with new purpose and meaning.
  • Assessing for themselves when and if they are ready for a new intimate relationship and trusting themselves to make a good decision.
  • With new romantic possibilities comes the quandary of when to introduce children and other members of the family to a new person, and avoiding negative reaction from your ex-spouse and children which might jeopardize that developing relationship.
  • Identifying their strengths and ability to do work that will generate additional income or reboot a former career.
  • Following through to make the changes outlined is the divorce settlement and developing new confidence and a healthy relationship to money and financial decisions.


So many concerns and you will have new tools, new insight, and even new confidence in using prior training in addressing all of these once you have completed the 8 module – 4 week CDC Divorce Transition and Recovery Coach® Certification.

This specialty certification builds on all of the coaching competencies you have developed in the CDC Program and will weave that foundation into practices you can use with your clients who are on the other side of divorce legally and still have miles to go in their emotional and social recovery.

The CDC Certified Divorce Coach training and certification is required because it provides you with the coaching skills and underlying principles, competencies and tools which comes from the hands on, live practice of scenarios and strategies for avoiding the biggest mistakes in divorce and helping the client overcome the obstacles to becoming an effective advocate and decision-maker for themselves and their children.

Your having completed the CDC Certified Divorce Coach Certification or be well on the way completion in the case of the current  class is required to add this specialty certification onto your CDC Certification.

CDC Divorce Transition and Recovery Coach® Training and Certification


Living a Life You Love After Divorce!

Help your clients move into the next chapter confident, empowered, and prepared to meet the challenges finding meaning and purpose in their lives again, and follow-up through on the legal and financial changes; and to create their new identity and new meaningful relationships with themselves first and then with others.


Modules Include:

1. The Roadmap to Divorce Transition and Recovery
2. Letting Go and Allowing Recovery to Happen
3. Reclaiming Your Authentic Self

4. Say Yes to Your Life: Creating Self-Trust and Boundaries
5. Say Yes to Your Life: Are You Ready for an Intimate Partnership?
6. Leveraging Your Passion and Strengths to Create An Income
7. Getting Your Financial Feet Planted on Solid Ground
8. Celebrating the Journey – Spreading the Word

CDC Divorce Transition and Recovery Coach®

Eight 2-hour sessions –
Wednesdays from 2:00 – 4:00 pm ET
Sept 11, 18, 25. October 2, 9, 16, 23, ending on October 30. 

Orientation: Wednesday, Sept 4, 2 – 3 pm ET

Each course costs $990. Payment options are:

  • $890 payment in full at time of registration
  • 2 payments of $495 monthly from the time of registration, or 
  • 3 payments of $340 monthly from the time of registration.

CDC Divorce Transition and Recovery Coach Interest

If you are already a CDC Certified Divorce Coach, please make sure to use the same name and email address as you have in your specialtycoachtraining.com account.

Hear What Graduates Have To Say

“Adding a specialty certification in Divorce Transition and Recovery was a genius decision for me. Those specialty classes added powerful skills, deeper understanding, and effective tools that took my coaching to the next level. I  now confidently offer full-service coaching – not only nuts and bolts of the divorce process but far beyond as I help clients create an authentic, rewarding life. The transition recovery piece has been a capstone for my clients (as well as for me as a coach). Seeing them transition into living their best lives in an amazing new story is the best reward for me as a coach, and I never tire of helping them design and step confidently into their next chapter. “

Jennifer Johnston Crow, CDC ®

“I highly recommend the CDC Divorce Transition and Recovery Coach certification course. The class helped me personally as well as assisted me with my post-divorce clients. In addition, as a certified divorce coach, it gave me tools to keep clients coming back for more coaching work that I’m now qualified to help with.

I have also used this course to form a new support group for people in the post-divorce phase of their lives. The instructors were all fabulous, and the tools, discussions, and guest speakers were extremely useful. All divorce coaches could benefit from this fantastic course!”

Susan NY, CDC®

CDC Divorce Transition and Recovery Coach® Advisory Group

A group of professionals from various backgrounds and who are also CDC Certified Divorce Coaches dedicated their time and energy to identify the content for the Specialty Coach Training and Specialty Certifications. Together all members of the advisory group participated ina Pilot Program, each taking part in the weekly sessions, contributing additional insight and bringing a richness to the topics and discussions because of their own intimate involvement in the experience that their clients may also be having.

Jennifer Crow
Coach on Creativity and Overwhelm, Transition, and Divorce.
Facilitator Appreciative Inquiry Engagements With Groups

Sherry Smith, LMFT, CDC®
Licensed Psychotherapist, CDC Certified Divorce Coach®, Author, Speaker, Podcast Host


Jessica Ashley
Author, CDC Certified Divorce Coach®
Distinguished Teaching Award for Graduate Programs in the School of Professional Studies at Northwestern University as the instructor of Effective Communication.

 Randall Cooper
CDC Divorce Transition and Recovery Coach®

Supreme Court of Florida Certified Family Mediator, CFP/CDFA and Co-Founder of the CDC Certified Divorce Coach Program.  

Pegotty Cooper
CDC Divorce Transition and Recovery Coach®
Certified Narrative Coach, Workplace Mediation Practitioner, CHCC Divorce Coach®

Why You Need Specialty Certification

CDC Specialty Coach Training Certifications are vital supplemental credentials designed exclusively for CDC Certified Divorce Coaches seeking to engage clients grappling not only with the intricacies of divorce, but also with additional challenging factors specific to each specialty certification. These certifications provide advanced coaching tools, alongside specialized expertise and knowledge necessary to address amplified concerns that arise within the dissolution of marriage. By obtaining these specialty certifications, divorce coaches enhance their ability to attract clients seeking guidance through complex circumstances, thus offering a more comprehensive and tailored approach to support during the divorce journey.

CDC Divorce Transition and Recovery Coach®

The CDC Divorce Transition and Recovery Coach® certification mark is used to identify individuals who, perform personal divorce coaching services for members of the public. Certified individuals deliver personal divorce coaching services according to the Standards of Ethics and Professional Responsibilities. Only certified individuals who have completed the training and perform personal divorce coaching services according to the professional standards taught in the training and required by the certification regulations are authorized to use the CDC Divorce Transition and Recovery Coach® mark.

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