Register Early for our Certified Divorce Coach® Training Program  to be eligible for our early-enrollment bonus program for the September 2023 Course:

Attracting Clients for Divorce Coaching

Interactive 6 Hour Bonus Program

In this course we will cover:

Your Purpose
Desired Client
Compelling Message
Authentic Connection

Register for our Divorce Coaching Intensive Program by August 31 and be eligible for our early-enrollment bonus program: Attracting Clients for Divorce Coaching.

This bonus program will give you a jump start on becoming a divorce coach and developing your confidence in engaging with clients, so they will ask you when they can start! Get over your fear of being able to develop your practice and be confident about attracting clients in a non-salesy way.

In this course, we will cover:

  • Helping you to clarify your motivation and what you most want to accomplish by becoming a certified divorce coach. This motivation, your WHY, and your vision for how you want to impact
    others and yourself is the wind beneath your wings and sees you through some of the
    work and self-awareness required to be a truly masterful divorce coach.
  • You will also develop practices that will support you in being the best coach you can be and to identify who your ideal client is – the one that makes it fun to get up every day, knowing you are playing a significant role in helping that client to thrive instead of struggling to survive during the divorce process.
  • And with a hands-on approach during our sessions together, you will start the real work of crafting compelling messages that will prompt your potential clients to say “Yes” to your invitation. You will learn the biggest mistakes many people make in talking about what you do – mistakes that, with simple tweaks, can be turned into powerful messages to attract clients to you.
  • You will also get more confident in sharing what you do with others, using some simple questions to get their attention and understand the most important way you will motivate them to refer clients to you.

We want you to be successful – successful as defined by you. This is not a fill-in-the-blank approach to creating your message. It draws on your strengths and your own words and personality.

Your Purpose
Desired Client
Compelling Message
Authentic Connection

Live Bonus Call times are on Tuesdays at 9-10:30 am EDT or Wednesdays at 8-9:30 pm EDT from November 28 through December 20, 2023.

All webinar sessions are live and will be recorded in case you are unable to attend either of the sessions. You can access the sessions by phone with visuals on your computer, or over the internet on your computer or through a tablet or smartphone app.

To be eligible for this enrollment bonus, you must enroll in the September 2023 course no later than  August 31st, 2023. 

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