Register by May 4  for the CDC Certified Divorce Coach® Virtual and Experiential Training, which starts May 7th with two live and interactive instructor-led Zoom calls weekly through August 2, 2024, plus Mentor and Peer coaching throughout the program.

Register by March 29 for a Bonus Program, a month-long course focusing on attracting divorce coaching clients, which will run from April 2 through May 1, 2024.

Countdown to Registration Deadline for registering for the Accredited Divorce Coach™ Training and getting the Bonus Program.








What kind of training does it take for you to succeed as a divorce coach?

Professional Standards and Best Practices including the CDC Code of Ethics.

Specific Divorce Coaching best practices – coaching practices specifically designed for working in the most challenging of circumstances with individuals who are stressed and overwhelmed; and proven methods for getting results.

Business Building

– specific marketing strategies, understanding how to connect to other professionals for referrals, scripts for discovery sessions, messaging and templates which can be modified for your own use.

BONUS:  There is a bonus of free access to our library of business development materials – everything you need to engage more effectively with potential clients.

A Program Framework for your Divorce Clients

frameworks and processes for working with your ideal clients – helping them to find their clarity and confidence in understanding how divorce impacts every aspect of their life – having their eyes wide open pre-divorce, during divorce and in the divorce transition and recovery period. They will feel proud of how they handled themselves and confident they made the best possible decisions for their future based on their specific concerns and needs.

Real-life Scenarios and Coaching Practice

in 3 different contexts: in-class demos and practice, with a mentor for 6 weeks; and in peer coaching for 4 weeks. Real-life scenarios related to the biggest mistakes people make in divorce; specific strategies for coaching client and avoiding the mistakes that can have a big impact on their future or represent unnecessary errors;

A Community of Practice

from the time you join the program and as long as you maintain your certification. This includes private online forums, monthly continuing education at no cost, continued access to all current materials in the divorce coaching intensive and the opportunity to engage with each other in many ways to help you to deepen your practice development.

A Trademarked Certification

Upon completion of the Certified Divorce Coach® training, which includes the Divorce Coaching Competency® training, you can complete the application for the CDC Certified Divorce Coach®,  a federally registered certification mark, registered in the U.S., Canada, and in the U.K., which provides assurance for clients that the CDC Certified Divorce Coach® certification represents the best in personal divorce coaching, speaks to your credibility as a personal divorce coach, and differentiates you from others calling themselves divorce coaches. Included in the certification and training are the CDC®  Code of Ethics and Professional Standards, models, assessments, exercises to support client awareness, ongoing continuing education, and mentorship for all CDC® Certified Divorce Coaches.

Accredited by two international accreditation organizations: The Divorce Coaching Competency® training is contained in the Certified Divorce Coach® training program, accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) for Continuing Coach Education (CCE) units and accredited by the CPD Standards Office for CPD units.


Toward the certification, CDC Certified Divorce Coach® as part of a comprehensive ACCREDITED DIVORCE COACH™ 12-week course,  24 modules, meets two times weekly.

Dates: May 7 through August 2, 2024.

Weekly Session 1 (Tuesday or Wednesday)

Class A: Tuesdays 12 – 2:15 pm ET
Class B: Tuesdays 8:00- 10:15 pm ET
Class C: Wednesdays 9:00 – 11:15 am ET

Weekly Session 2 (Thursday or Friday)

Class D: Thursdays 12 – 2:15 pm ET
Class E: Thursdays 8:00 – 10:15 pm ET
Class F: Fridays 9:00 – 11:15 am ET


DSC® divorce programs, which include supportive divorce coaching models. These divorce coaching training and education programs involve Supportive, Non-Judgmental, and Patient divorce coaching core competencies.

CredibleClient™ is a critical training structure and framework in dispute resolution, included in the Divorce Coaching Competency® training in the Certified Divorce Coach® training and certification program. 

CIC® divorce coaching involves educational models in divorce coaching and dispute resolution coaching. Sometimes in divorce and other disputes, an attempt to have a conversation between two people results in an angry exercise in frustrating conversation with bad results often referred to as high-conflict communication in divorce and dispute resolution. These education and training programs teach more effective divorce coaching and dispute resolution coaching communication skills without the emotional triggers.

Six Aspects of Awareness® is the unique and impactful process for helping clients develop the ability to see new options and make new choices to get new results.

The DivorceRelief® divorce education programs involve somatic and other stress relief techniques and other divorce education and training. People in divorce experience high-stress levels and feeling overwhelmed by the enormity of everything. These education and training programs teach divorce coaching skills to reduce stress and be more effective at decision-making and creative solutions.

H.I.G.H. R.O.A.D.®, a framework is the training for moving the client away from high-conflict divorce toward a more amicable divorce.

F-O-C-U-S  Forward Organize Communicate Understand Shift™, a framework that highlights for the client the necessary actions to create a sense of empowerment in the divorce process.

C.O.R.E.®, a  process that is the sequence of working with the client from the beginning to the conclusion of the engagement using the Divorce Coaching Competency® training.

Professional Boundaries define for certified divorce coaches the line between divorce coaching and the practice of law, therapy, mediation, and financial analysis.

We also include in the Divorce Coaching Competency® training many time-tested models from other disciplines, including neuroscience, conflict resolution, communication, decision-making, and change relating to the journey of divorce before, during, and after the actual legal process.

Divorce coaches need to be highly competent. The Divorce Coaching Competency® training is part of the commitment to develop competent and credible divorce coaching credentials.

Divorce coaches need to be trained in the Divorce Coaching Competency® training, which supports  The Professional Standard for Personal Divorce Coaching®.

All of these and more are represented in our Certified Divorce Coach® training and presented in twice-weekly live interactive sessions PLUS a 6-week Mentor Program, Peer Coaching, an online learning system with 24 modules, content, and assignments, including all of the frameworks and materials you will later use with your clients. Each course group also has a Course Group for connecting between sessions with your colleagues to ask questions and share ideas and perspectives.

Program Tuition and Fees

The inclusive price for all of this is $3,800.
The tuition includes the $450 application fee.
The first-year CDC® certification fee of  $145 is payable as part of the certification process following the course.

The course fee of  $3,800 is payable in one payment of $3,420 (a 10% discount for pre-payment) or four monthly payments of $950.

How to Enroll in the Program

To secure your seat in the training and your first choice of days and times for our twice-weekly live online sessions:

  1. Arrange for a pre-enrollment Q & A Session by clicking on the SCHEDULE A CALL button on this page so we can answer all of your questions.
  2. We will send you a link to the enrollment form, which you can complete online and submit with your payment. Online you will choose your days and times for two classes each week and indicate your preferred payment plan.

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