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For nearly 14 years, CDC Certified Divorce Coach® has been training divorce coaches to meet professional standards recognized by the governments of the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia. Within our community, CDC-trained coaches are dedicated to assisting clients in various divorce scenarios, whether dealing with high conflict, amicable separations, special circumstances such as parenting children with special needs, navigating the intersection of divorce and faith, or managing co-parenting and divorce recovery challenges.

Divorce Coaching has been acknowledged as a viable dispute resolution process compatible with the most common methods for reaching agreements during divorce. Early decisions in divorce often set the course for the entire process, and many pitfalls can be avoided with the guidance of a divorce coach.

Our 6-Session Divorce Coaching Masterclass is designed to help you understand the benefits of divorce coaching. With your background and experience, you can guide people through the divorce process and help them avoid costly mistakes that lead to devastating financial and legal consequences. More importantly, participants are transformed through education and empowerment, enabling them to approach the next chapter of their lives with confidence and courage.

Each session in the Divorce Coaching Masterclass draws from the rich material of the CDC Certified Divorce Coach® Training program. Over the next few weeks, CDC will offer these Masterclass Sessions live with one of the co-founders. These sessions will provide insights into the role of a divorce coach, what a divorce coach is and isn’t, and how they empower clients to make the best possible decisions for their unique situations.

If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a divorce coach, now is the perfect time to join one of these complimentary sessions. The CDC Certification Program extends beyond insightful frameworks, drawing from diverse disciplines such as cutting-edge neuroscience and respected conflict resolution practices, particularly valuable in high-conflict and high-stress situations.

Register now for one (or all) of these informational sessions at: https://certifieddivorcecoach.com/free-webinars/


CDC Masterclass Sessions:

  • Real Life Divorce Coaching Part 1
    • July 17, 2024 – Wednesday – 12pm Eastern
  • Moving Clients from Emotional to Credible
    • July 24, 2024 – Wednesday – 12pm Eastern
    • July 24, 2024 – Wednesday – 8pm Eastern
  • Real Life Divorce Coaching Part 2
    • July 31, 2024 – Wednesday – 12pm Eastern
    • July 31, 2024 – Wednesday – 8pm Eastern
  • You Alone Can Take The High Road In Your Divorce!
    • August 7, 2024 – Wednesday – 12pm Eastern
    • August 8, 2024 – Thursday – 8pm Eastern
  • Empowering Clients Through Traumatic Events
    • August 14, 2024 – Wednesday – 12pm Eastern
  • Surprising Ways to Shift Entrenched Positions and Avoid the Biggest Mistakes in Divorce
    • August 21, 2024 – Wednesday – 12pm Eastern


CDC Certified Divorce Coaches are equipped to support clients in even the most challenging circumstances. They champion clients’ strengths, help them reconnect with their core values, and assist them in making the best decisions for their specific needs and concerns. Divorce Coaching enables clients to have those pivotal moments of self-discovery, leading to meaningful and lasting change.

To find out more about becoming a CDC Certified Divorce Coach® – the only internationally recognized divorce coach certification program – visit us at: https://certifieddivorcecoach.com/looking-for-divorce-coach-training/ or schedule a call with one of the co-founders today.




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If you’re considering becoming a CDC® Certified Divorce Coach, you should attend our free 6-part Masterclass Sessions for those who would like to explore more about how divorce coaching plays out in real life.

Find out more information and reserve your spot here:

Explore what becoming a CDC® Certified Divorce Coach could mean to you by looking at the information on the website.

Then set up a one-on-one call with one of the co-founders of the Divorce Coaching Intensive to have all your questions answered. We are happy to help you sort out whether this choice is likely to help you meet your professional and personal repurposing needs.

Focusing On The Positive Aspects Of Change

Focusing On The Positive Aspects Of Change

Divorce is an emotionally charged process. In these times of change and uncertainty, focusing on positive aspects and personal growth can lead to fulfilling career opportunities and the chance to make a meaningful difference in others’ lives.

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