Forgetting Who the Decision Makers are in Divorce

I don’t know who to listen to!  My attorney tells me I need to argue for this.  My husband tells me this is the way it is going to be! My friends are pushing me to be more unreasonable in my  demands.  And my family tells me to just throw in the towel and move on with...

How Can We Support Others When They Are Overwhelmed

5 Things NOT to Do for Someone Who is Overwhelmed by Divorce

stressedWhen I share with people that what I do for a living is train people to be divorce coaches – they sometime back away and ask, “How can you spend all of your time dealing with such overwhelming and heart-breaking situations?” I understand where they are coming from because I remember the first time someone told me their whole divorce story – I was overwhelmed even with my years of training. I knew I was going to support people in divorce, I was first going to have to figure out a way for me not to get pulled into the impact of the divorce story.

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