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In divorce there are really four divorces: legal, financial, social, and emotional. In each of these areas you need experts who can advise you or support you so that you can see the bigger picture, consider different options, understand how those will pan out in the future, and recognize what trade-offs you can make when it comes down to negotiating an agreement.

And it takes not only a divorce coach to help people do the best that they can do during divorce, but a whole team of divorce professionals which you can engage on an as-needed basis in most jurisdictions.

This team includes (but is not limited to):

  • an attorney (or more than one if there are complex legal/ownership issues like businesses, investments, cultural and spiritual authorities involved)
  • a financial advisor, one familiar with laws relating to taxation of marital and non-marital assets, and exchanges in divorce
  • a parenting professional who can help separating or divorcing parents sort out what is in the best interests of the child(ren)
  • therapists, especially those who specialize in trauma, domestic/interpersonal violence, addictions, high conflict or disordered personalities – all mental states where decision-making may be greatly hampered or where leaving a relationship poses a life-threatening situation.
  • real estate professionals since housing is often one of the most significant assets to be dealt with
  • and a certified divorce coach who understand where the boundaries are between their role and the roles and responsibilities of all the other professionals and is someone who can gather multiple referrals for the divorcing client to interview, so that the clients are making the decision about who is the best support for them.

“When something bad happens, you have three choices: let it define you, let it destroy you, or let it make you stronger.”
– Dr. Suess.

The role of the divorce coach is to hold the door open for the possibility of creating a transformative experience for our clients so that all of us can create a better understanding of ourselves, better connections with others, better environments in which to do the work which is meaningful for each person, and to provide the next generation, the children, with the understanding that they are loved and that each holds the promise of greatness.

CDC Certified Divorce Coaches® know and understand first-hand the impact that divorce can have on individuals and families. They bring compassion and confidence into their coaching and enable their clients to focus on the business part of divorce rather than become overwhelmed at the emotional aspect of the process. CDC Certified Divorce Coaches® help their clients learn to make better decisions from the very beginning of the process, to avoid the biggest mistakes in divorce, and to be confident that they have a thinking partner throughout the whole process, so they don’t have to struggle alone!

Registration begins November 1, 2022, for our next CDC® Certified Divorce Coach Training and Certifications which starts January 10/11, 2023, through March 30/31, 2023. Don’t miss the Early Registration Deadline of November 13th to qualify for The Getting More Clients for Divorce Coaching Free Bonus Program.

If you’re considering becoming a CDC® Certified Divorce Coach, you should attend one of our series of mini-training webinars for those who would like to explore more about how divorce coaching plays out in real life.

Our next few are: Friday, October 14th and is
“Is There Emotional Justice In Divorce?”

and the next is on Friday, October 21st, and is
“Moving Clients From Emotional To Credible.”

Find out more information and reserve your spot here:

To find out more about becoming a CDC Certified Divorce Coach® visit us at: https://certifieddivorcecoach.com/looking-for-divorce-coach-training/ or schedule a call with one of the co-founders today.

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