In this short video, Cherie Morris, CDC Certified Divorce Coach® answers the question, ”What can a divorce coach really do for me?” She provides an example of how she worked with a client going through divorce so you can really understand why divorce coaching can make such a difference in the outcomes your clients get in the divorce process.

As thinking partners for clients, CDC Certified Divorce Coaches® help them to get real clarity about the real bottom line on many of the decisions big and small that have such an impact on how they experience the divorce process. It helps them to be better advocates for themselves and to work better with their spouse, their mediator, or to partner better with their attorney. More importantly, it helps your clients make better decisions about everything related to their future and the next chapter for themselves and their family.

We know from working with divorce clients that the issues they encounter in divorce are less about the legal and financial questions and more about how to deal with the mis-matched expectations and the confusion between needs and wants. Thank you, Cherie Morris of for sharing this information with our readers.

We are happy to answer any of your question on this live webinar or on a one-on-one call with you.  To set up a one – on -one call, click below to visit our online calendar and select the best day and time for you.

Real Live Divorce Coaching Examples

You can get more examples and more insights about divorce coaching in our upcoming mini-training webinar

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