Should I or Shouldn’t I Get Divorced?

The impact of health on the decision to divorce. There are lots if stressors on marriages which lead to divorce – and declining health is certainly one of them.  According to a study funded by the National Institute on Aging, conducted by Iowa State University and...

Getting Over Being Scared to Divorce

I was over being scared the day I realized that I had finally had enough of pretending this was a workable relationship.  That fear that I wouldn’t be able to support myself is what kept me there for so long.  I said I cannot let that fear keep stopping me because I...

3 Actions for Restoring Dignity to Divorce

Granted, making sense is not one of the hallmarks of divorce. What isn’t captured in the dictionary definition of divorce is the reality of there being several different aspects of divorce: emotional, financial and legal. And most divorces start with the legal process and not the emotional process.

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