The entire divorce process can be unbelievably overwhelming and devastating to those involved. Other than the death of a loved one, there are few other events as traumatizing or emotional. Couple that with the fact that the client is being bombarded with legal processes, a mountain of paperwork, and dealing with major questions/concerns that will affect the rest of their life (and that of their family) and it’s a recipe for disaster. The divorcing client is thinking, “I want to have a voice here, I want to be heard. I want to be taken seriously.”

The client may have an attorney who is focused on the legal aspects, and perhaps a financial professional focused on assets and finances, a therapist focused on the mental and emotional well-being of the client, maybe even a mediator if it’s a collaborative process – each an integral part of the whole and each specifically focused on their one piece of specialization.

But there’s one piece missing. Something to tie them all together, someone who can help the client get organized and able to show up at each different professional’s office with a ready list of pertinent questions and the right documents compiled and completed. The professionals just want a credible client so they can get their job done. The client is a novice, and they just want the confidence in using their voice to advocate for themselves and their family in this legal process. And this can be very overwhelming.

This is where a divorce coach really shines.

A CDC® Certified Divorce Coach is trained to listen to the client, help the client ask the right questions – both of themselves and the other specialists – so that the client feels like they’re being “heard” and their needs and wants are being listened to … and who doesn’t want to feel like that?

A divorce coach helps their clients show up organized and in command of the facts, able to respond when asked for something, able to ask the right questions and communicate about what they want more effectively. The divorce coach wants to help the client look their best to the other professionals they are dealing with so they will be taken seriously. Being seen as irrational or too emotional simply undermines a perfectly reasonable request in the divorce negotiations.

Throughout the CDC® Certified Divorce Coach Training Program the divorce coach undergoes specific training to help their clients focus in and self-identify what is most important to them, what they need and want from the process, and what their future might look like.

This not only helps the client, but it also allows the client to show up as their best self with the other professionals and saves the client time and money because they’re allowing the other professional to do what they do best – focus on the legal or financial aspects of the case.

Helping others not only survive but thrive after the dust has settled and the divorce is final can be one of the most fulfilling and satisfying “jobs” you’ll ever do. And going through our 16-week CDC® Certified Divorce Coach Training and Certification will give you the foundation and tools to succeed.

No other program gives you the hands-on experience in every area that your client will need to become a client who is respected and effective at making the best possible decisions for their future, day in and day out. And you will help your clients avoid the biggest mind-set mistakes that so many professionals recognize but feel challenged to address.

The role of the certified divorce coach is to do the best they can to help the client do the best they can in letting go and moving on and gaining some measure of new normal. The CDC Certified Divorce Coach® adheres to a Code of Ethics and has a number of tools, frameworks and practices to support their clients in a professional way.

If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a CDC® Certified Divorce Coach, you should attend one of our series of mini-training webinars for those who would like to explore more about how divorce coaching plays out in real life. Our next one is on Wednesday, October 27th, and is The 6 Biggest Mistakes In Divorce.
We’d love to have you join us.

To find out more about becoming a CDC Certified Divorce Coach® visit this page for more information or schedule a call with one of the co-founders today.

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