Why might you care about the Bonus Program? Let me give you 5 compelling reasons:

  1. You will be getting well trained in how to coach clients in divorce when you enroll in the Divorce Coaching Intensive Program. You will be getting a wealth of information and tools to help you work with your divorce clients. The Bonus Program is hands -on exploration of who your best clients will be in divorce and will help you to take in all the information of the Divorce Coaching Intensive with a clear intention of who you want to serve. From the beginning of the program you will be thinking about your ideal client and thinking about how to apply what we are teaching to your specific client.
  2. We want you to get pro-bono and paid clients even while you are in the course. Developing the right message to attract client to you is something you will be able to use right away to find those first clients. You will be ahead of the others, having done some good thinking and research about your clients and will understand how to create inviting messages, messages that have people ask you to tell them more about divorce coaching.
  3. We normally charge $595 for the program but we want you to feel confident about getting clients so we are willing to bet $595 that you will get that confidence by taking this program even before you start the divorce coach training program. You will see how to re-arrange your thinking about how to describe what a divorce coach provides – and put it in words that inspire your potential clients!
  4. Don’t feel as though you can sell yourself as a divorce coach? We will shift that whole concept for you. We do not want you to sell yourself. And we will show you what we want you to do instead.
  5. After the 6 hours we will spend in class together and the work you will do between sessions, you will feel so confident starting the Divorce Coaching Intensive Program that you will be able to give it your full attention instead of thinking about all those concerns which we will address before you even start the program. Concerns like: am I really going to be able to do this? How will I get clients? What will I say to client to be able to talk with them about divorce Coaching – just to name a few!

How does this work?

  1. Please review the information page on the Become a Divorce Coach page.
  2. Then schedule a one-on-one call before you register, just to make sure that this is really a good fit for you. A good fit means that you are really committed to helping your client to make the best possible decisions for their future for themselves and their family based on their particular interests, needs and concerns. We also want it to be valuable for you, so we want to explore what your goals are to be sure, knowing what we know about the program, that this is going to support those goals.
  3. Complete and return you Enrollment Form which we will send you, noting all your preferences in time for both the Divorce Coaching Intensive and the Bonus Program.
  4. Then we will send you an invoice for you to make a payment for the Divorce Coaching Intensive Program, including the Bonus Program.
  5. Submit your payment online and we will send you what you need to start the Bonus Program on July 22.

Don’t Miss the Bonus Program Deadline of July 19th

Set up a call soon as we have a limited number of calls available between now and July 19 which is next Friday.

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