In this video, Susan Kiernan, CDC Certified Divorce Coach, shares how she helps her client to avoid the biggest fear she had about her daughter’s wedding – being with her spouse for the first time since separating. She wanted everything to be perfect for her daughter on this special day but she was angry and fearful about being around her husband for the first time since they had separated after a thirty-year marriage.

Working with her divorce coach, Susan was able to show up as her best self, and her daughter was so proud of how her mother was able deal with all those negative feelings and have a fantastic time at the wedding. This meant everything to her daughter and her family! There was also a ripple effect from this – the confidence that the client got from that experience had significant impact on her being able to secure a very nice job to help her move into the next chapter of her life.

CDC Certified Divorce Coaches are men and women who know first-hand the impact that divorce can have on individuals and families. They bring compassion and confidence and know-how to coach others going through divorce. Unlike other divorce coaches, CDC certified divorce coaches help their clients learn to make better decisions from the very beginning of the process, to avoid the biggest mistakes in divorce, and to be confident that they have a thinking partner throughout the whole process so they don’t have to struggle alone!

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