This is a program which is being offered only to CDC Certified Divorce Coaches and is being led by five highly experienced professionals who have lived the experience they are sharing with you and have made careers in different areas of expertise which are needed at the intersection of divorce and the care for children with special needs or disabilities who are fighting for the opportunity to lead a normal life. Divorce between parents of special needs children accelerates the need for planning for future needs and care for the whole family during these tumultuous times.

Introducing to you five experts who will be sharing with you insights, resources, strategies, and a message and confidence you will be able to take to communities of parents, caregivers, special needs professionals, and previously unexplored networks of services needed by an increasing number of families in the U.S.

Susan Bernstein, CDC Special Needs Divorce Coach™, High Conflict Coach, Divorce and Special Needs Expert, New York

“The intersection of divorce with special needs children has skyrocketed and these parents need professionals to help them navigate it. Clients will find you essential and will continue to come back for more sessions. I highly recommend signing up for the cohort to be a pioneer in this much needed field! It doesn’t get more rewarding than this!”

Mary Ann Hughes, CDC Special Needs Divorce Coach™, Special Family Transitions, Houston, Texas

“So many families with children with complex needs are struggling to find knowledgeable and empathetic professionals to support them when facing divorce. The CDC Special Needs Certification has been carefully crafted to guide the client through divorce involving special needs children, so they can get the best outcome for your family with as little stress, time, and expense as possible.

Emily Malloy, CDC Special Needs Divorce Coach™, Divorce and Parenting Coach, Attorney, Mediator and Social Worker, New York

“Clients deserve to work with people who show them and their families respect, listen without judgment, and honor them as the expert and ultimate decisionmaker regarding what is right for them and their family. This is a foundational principle for the training of the CDC Special Needs Divorce Coach.”

Donna Kline, CDC Special Needs Divorce Coach™, Chartered Special Needs Consultant and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, Pennsylvania

“When there is a Special Needs Child or Adult involved in the divorce process, there are many unanswered questions about the family’s financial future and the planning process takes another unique turn that the family may not be prepared to handle. Working with a Special Needs Divorce Coach who understands the specific emotional and financial needs of a family during this time can make the difference between irrational, emotional decisions, and thoughtful productive planning decisions that can help secure the future welfare of the Special Needs Child.”

Sophie Helenek, CDC Special Needs Divorce Coach™, Divorce Consultant & Divorce Wealth Advisor. Connecticut

“Parents of special needs children often feel alone and misunderstood when divorcing, as if no one understands their child’s unique challenges. Unfortunately, divorces involving neuro-diverse children are complex and difficult to comprehend. CDC Special Needs Divorce Coaches play a pivotal role in guiding and empowering clients to be vigorous advocates for their children and themselves.”

This is an incredible opportunity to become visible as an important resource in many different communities that serve the needs of children with special needs or disabilities, especially when divorce accelerates the need for the planning for the future of your special needs child and the siblings which may be impacted by these decisions.

The CDC Special Needs Divorce Coach™ is one of the emerging professionals who can support the needs of parents to access resources and to maintain their emotional wherewithal to advocate every day for current and future needs of their children.

Become a pioneer in this registered and regulated specialty coaching area. If you are a current CDC Certified Divorce Coach®, you can find more information on the CDC Special Needs Divorce Coach™ Training and Certification page.


You may have a few questions about how your expertise can translate into becoming a CDC® Certified Divorce Coach.  For more information about how you might benefit from the Certified Divorce Coach® Program, visit this page.

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