If you are divorced or you work with men or women who are divorcing –

6 Reasons to Become a Divorce Coach

Everyone struggles in the divorce process – clients with unrealistic expectations about the speed and outcomes of the legal process, professionals who are subject to listening to the divorce story over and over again, professional time spent doing things that the client requests they do and then resents paying for the time spent doing what they requested; clients who are ill-equipped to make the decisions that will have a significant impact on them far into the future; the outcomes for children who get caught in the middle between two parents who are overwhelmed by the whole process.

Divorce Coaching has a solid body of knowledge that supports the unique skills and know-how that contribute to the client becoming a better client and the professionals who work with divorcing clients becoming better advisors in the process.

If you are divorced or you work with men or women who are divorcing – here are 6 reasons to become a CDC Certified Divorce Coach:

1. Leverage your own experience in divorce and earn money handling the non-legal issues that most divorcing clients get derailed by

2. Reset client expectations about the process so they can be confident they are working with the right professionals

3. Get clients focused on what is most important for their future and for the children instead of focusing on the blame and the recriminations of divorce.

4. Help clients take practical and useful actions which accelerate the whole process and increase the likelihood of a more acceptable outcome; and

5. Shorten recovery time by working with clients at the very beginning of the divorce process when the whole trajectory of the divorce process is set in motion.

6. Divorce Coaching is a much less stressful way to make a significant difference in the experience of divorce for individuals and families.

And there are many more valuable tools that will enhance your ability to build more productive relationships with divorce clients and to help them to make better decisions. Through these many tools, assessments and exercises you will experience for yourself in the training, your clients become tuned into their own needs and their ability to ask for what they need in the process – from the very beginning through the recovery process, and beyond.

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