No matter your personal beliefs about the COVID-19 pandemic, the fact is that the world is in a state of chaos and change right now. Everyone is experiencing some level of fear and/or stress, whether you’re able to work successfully from home, have been laid off, or are working in one of the “essential” industries – quarantine, health and wellness, and financial stability are all top-of-mind concerns right now.

And while these are serious and valid concerns, how we choose to deal with the current situation and our perspective during this crisis can have a lasting impact on our lives – whether that’s a positive or negative impact is in our own hands.

For example, if you’ve been unsatisfied with your career choice or even just wanting to add something more emotionally fulfilling into your current skill set and services list, now is the perfect time to take a deeper look into what you’re doing now and what you’d like to be doing in the future. You most likely have some extra free time on your hands right now, why not take this chance to seek clarity on the direction of your life?

Almost everyone has experienced divorce – either personally or through a family member or friend – and we all know how emotionally charged the entire situation is. There are literally hundreds of thousands of people out there right now, especially with the current situation of the world, either thinking about the divorce process, starting the divorce process, stuck in the middle of the divorce process, or trying to recover from the divorce process that are in need of a CDC Certified Divorce Coach®.

Helping others not only survive, but thrive after the dust has settled and the divorce is final can be one of the most fulfilling and satisfying “jobs” you’ll ever do. And going through our 16-week CDC® Certified Divorce Coach Training and Certification will give you the foundation and tools to succeed.

This is a program that goes well beyond the impressive materials assembled from diverse disciplines – from leading edge neuroscience to highly respected conflict practices especially needed in high conflict and high stress situations.

All throughout this Program, you will practice the divorce coaching competencies, the C.O.R.E Process, and real-life and commonly occurring scenarios in-class, with a mentor, and in peer groups. You will become skilled at understanding how to help the client self-discover the best options for them and their family.

No other program gives you the hands-on experience in every area that your client will need to become a client who is respected and effective at making the best possible decisions for their future, day in and day out. And you will help your clients avoid the biggest mind-set mistakes that so many professionals recognize but feel challenged to address.

Set up a call today with one of the co-founders to get all of your questions answered.

If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a CDC Certified Divorce Coach® visit the link below or schedule a call with one of our co-founders today.

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