Fear and overwhelm are understandable reactions when your world is suddenly turned upside down by divorce. Both can grind a person’s productivity to a halt as paralysis sets in – paralysis which prevents clear thinking, inhibits decisions of any kind, and undermines the ability to deal with the immediate demands of the divorce process. Imagine what this might be like! Your whole life collapses around you, your children are feeling the absence of not only one parent, but effectively both parents and everything just feels impossible.

In this video Kim Bransdon, CDC Divorce Transition and Recovery Coach®, talks about how her client “Jenny” came to her overwhelmed and worried about getting the outcomes she wanted from her divorce.

Kim started working with Jenny to help Jenny see what was possible – to visualize who she was at her best self, making sure Jenny discovered how to not be triggered by her ex, and helping to reduce some of her overwhelm and anxiety as she went on this journey of separation and divorce.

Jenny was concerned about getting outcomes around parenting, custody, financials, and making sure the divorce process wasn’t overly long and drawn out and feeling like the journey was impossible to navigate. Kim focused on helping Jenny determine her own long-term goals, walking down the path with her of how Jenny could achieve them.

Towards the end of coaching, Jenny called Kim so excited because she’d achieved the outcomes that she wanted. Her ex had moved out of the house. He’d agreed to the financials and the parenting plan. And it had all happened in a short time frame, which is what she’d wanted. What she’d felt was impossible at the beginning had been achieved – it was possible, she could now look forward to and focus on the future.

This is what coaching is all about.

A CDC® Certified Divorce Coach is someone you can talk to about making decisions, getting organized, finding the experts you need, and being the best parent you can be through the process, plus helping you with any of the other rough spots you encounter along the way. A divorce coach listens to what is important to you and asks questions to help you gain the confidence and courage to go the distance and be proud of how you dealt with such a difficult situation. Discover what tools are available in the Certified Divorce Coach® Training to help clients transform the impossible into the possible.

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