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“Some Continuing Education Programs promise unique solutions but deliver the same old litany of problems and complaints that you and your professional colleagues grapple with every day but offer no real solutions except a list of dos and don’ts. But the Certified Divorce Coach® Program, which is both a coaching and dispute resolution process, delivers transformational results for both clients and course participants.”

Personal Divorce Coaching fills a gap and works in a very practical AND transformative way with individual clients.  The roll-up-your-sleeves kind of work that a CDC Certified Divorce Coach® does helps the client in ways that are different from a Therapist, a Mediator, and an Attorney, and complements their work in helping the client to understand their wants, don’t want’s and needs as a foundation for understanding how to determine what the best solutions are for them and their family.

This work has a good chance of empowering the client to take the high road and change their experience of divorce – for the sake of themselves, their family and their community! And at the same time, the work also transforms the way in which divorce professionals engage with their clients.

But what about in the cases where the divorce coach is ALSO a divorce attorney or mediator?  Over the last ten-plus years, CDC® has certified a significant number of mediators, attorneys, and therapists as personal divorce coaches. We also find that real estate and financial professionals who complete the CDC Certified Divorce Coach® Program also develop great confidence in helping divorcing clients communicate more effectively so that decisions can be made, and the clients can understand the impact of their decisions on their assets.

And we’ve heard hundreds of stories/examples of how the program has helped them shift their perspective and evolve their practice in order to help their clients discover clarity and confidence in dealing with the divorce process in a way that lets them focus on their future and make the best decisions for themselves and their family.

A great example comes from a divorce attorney who was lamenting the fact that their client’s divorce had been bogged down because the other party, who was in search of emotional justice and making demands that the attorney knew would not be granted in court, had dug their heels in and refused to listen to “reason.” The attorney was frustrated because they were not able to talk directly to the other party to explain the law and statutes. After going through the CDC® program they realized that their focus should have been on empowering their own client to communicate with the other party in a credible, informative, and civil way so that, as the decision-makers, the co-parents could communicate more effectively, get refocused on the impact of their decisions on the children, and therefore make better decisions and better parenting plans which serves not only the client but the next generation, their children.

Mediators find they are much better equipped and much more comfortable with coaching skills. The CDC® program adds another dimension to the conversation they’re having with their two clients – creating confidence and comfort in working with two people who are in conflict. Because you can speak to them collectively, asking them good introspective questions to move them out of their current negative emotional state into thinking more about the future and the impact this decision will have, you’re able to create a ripple effect that will help them moving forward to make the best decisions for themselves and their children.

Personal divorce coaching gives an alternative to a mediator who, after investing in building a relationship with one of the parties, meets great resistance when the other half  of a couple are unable to agree on mediation, allowing the mediator to put on their divorce coaching hat to focus on one client and become support for that client through the whole divorce process.

The CDC® Training Program consists of both online and live calls. The live calls are designed to bring the content and concepts of the course to life because you get to experience it yourself the way your clients will, the change of thinking that happens through the reflective exercises being done.  What we’re able to do through that is to change their perspective, change their thinking, change their emotions, and change their beliefs. Without telling them what to do! Instead, by letting the client come up with their own unique solution for their own unique situation.

There is no one size fits all when it comes to divorce resolution, and what works for you might not work for someone else. This is about the client discovering what will work best for them and having alternate options that they are happy and confident with.

All throughout the CDC® Training Program, you will practice the divorce coaching competencies, the C.O.R.E Process, and real-life and commonly occurring scenarios in-class, with a mentor, and in peer groups. You will become skilled at understanding how to help the client self-discover the best options for them and their family.

Our Certified Divorce Coach® certification is a divorce coaching, divorce recovery and a dispute resolution credential, registered in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia, and gives you the hands-on experience in every area that your divorce client will need to become a client who is respected and effective at making the best possible decisions for their future, day in and day out. And you will help your clients avoid the biggest mind-set mistakes that so many professionals recognize but feel challenged to address.

To find out more about becoming a CDC Certified Divorce Coach® visit us at: or schedule a call with one of the co-founders today.

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