We all respect what it takes to be a divorce lawyer. However, sometimes the profound stress of the divorce lawyer profession can be more than a person can stand anymore.

Lawyers who become Divorce Coaches trained and certified to a professional standard find the work to be a freedom from the stress while providing a professional level income. The following is a statement from a client of, Johanne Schoffstall, a lawyer who now practices as a Divorce Coach.

“I have experienced the darkest days of my life this past year, but in the midst of the storm I was sent an angel… Johanne. In the beginning of my divorce proceedings I felt completely lost. I had not ever experienced a day in a courtroom, so I was completely unfamiliar with the road that was set in front of me.

I had searched for answers and help, and Johanne has gently guided, encouraged and challenged me. At times when I have felt I was drowning, Johanne’s expertise and coaching has given me hope, knowledge, confidence and a renewed spirit. My divorce has been a life-altering nightmare. But I say from my heart, Johanne has given me the balance I needed while in such despair. I continue down the path of divorce, but with renewed strength because of Johanne. I can’t say enough that everyone should be so fortunate to find a “Johanne” to guide them… I am so grateful for all she has done for me in this past year, she has been an anchor to me in the midst of my storm.”
– Grateful Client, Florida

The lawyer now divorce coach, Johanne, first became a mediator and qualified parenting coordinator as an effort to change careers. Being a mediator and a parenting coordinator was not satisfying her needs. Divorce Coaching is a dispute resolution process without the stress. One in five CDC Certified Divorce Coaches are Lawyers. This divorce coach certification is the Professional Standard for Personal Divorce Coaching, in the world.

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