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Fear and overwhelm are understandable reactions when your world is suddenly turned upside down by divorce. Both can grind a person’s productivity to a halt as paralysis sets in – paralysis which prevents clear thinking, inhibits decisions of any kind, and undermines the ability to deal with the immediate demands of the divorce process. Imagine what this might be like! Your whole life collapses around you, your children are feeling the absence of not only one parent, but effectively both parents.

One of the professionals who may not yet be on your radar screen for just such crises is a CDC Certified Divorce Coach®. In a very deliberate and patient way, a certified divorce coach helps the client to open their eyes to the many areas of life which will be impacted by the divorce.

In seeing the whole picture, the client can move out of the cloud of confusion and focus on the most immediate concerns. In that process the client begins to ask questions, raise wants, don’t wants, and needs. Recording all of this thinking also begins to clear the fog and supports the client in being able to focus on those issues that are most important. The divorce coach is a thinking partner and sounding board, helping their client as they express important issues to bring up with other members of the divorce team.

With a list of vetted professionals and providers of services needed by those divorcing, the client can easily reach out for the best advice from the qualified choices provided by the CDC Certified Divorce Coach®.

With easy-to-use information gathering tools, the client, supported by the divorce coach, can start with the basics in gathering the details which will help an attorney to answer some of their most pressing questions about rights and details.

With a little knowledge, and the support of the divorce coach, the client is now ready to start building their plan to collect all the information needed, while meeting regularly with the now indispensable divorce coach to stay on track and keep taking the process one step at a time. The divorce process creates a mountain of paperwork for those involved and a divorce coach can help their client break it all down into manageable pieces.

Throughout the divorce process, from the very beginning until the post-divorce work is complete, and a new chapter is underway, the certified divorce coach supports the client in making the best possible decisions every day. Whether it is being the best parent they can be, being responsive to the requests for information made by those supporting the process or focusing on developing a new identity and new role as head of their own household, the client is not alone.

The role of the certified divorce coach is to do the best they can to help the client do the best they can in letting go and moving on and gaining some measure of new normal. The CDC Certified Divorce Coach® adheres to a Code of Ethics and has a number of tools, frameworks and practices to support their clients in a professional way.

To find out more about becoming a CDC Certified Divorce Coach® visit us at: https://certifieddivorcecoach.com/looking-for-divorce-coach-training/ or schedule a call with one of the co-founders today.

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