In this video, Shari Frasure, a CDC Certified Divorce Coach® gives insight into how she was able to help her client, a female who was retired military and had been married for over twenty years, overcome her financial fears and her fear of being alone.

Working with Shari, she realized that she had actually been the financially responsible person in their marriage, providing for the family, so that was a role she was already accustomed to. As for her fear of being alone and not having someone to come home to, Shari worked with her to allow her to come to her own realization that she had basically been alone for most of her marriage, so this wasn’t something new or unfamiliar at all for her and perhaps could become something she was comfortable with.

Her divorce is now final and she began a new career as a yoga instructor, moved to a warmer climate (something she had been wanting to do for years) and closer to her family. She was able to take the energy she had put into her marriage and refocus it into forming relationships with her new church, spending time with her mother, and focusing on her own needs and wants in building her future. She has found that there are more fulfilling relationships outside of being married to someone.

CDC Certified Divorce Coaches® know and understand first-hand the impact that divorce can have on individuals and families. They bring compassion and confidence into their coaching and enable their clients to focus on the business part of divorce rather than become overwhelmed at the emotional aspect of the process. Unlike other divorce coaches, CDC certified divorce coaches help their clients learn to make better decisions from the very beginning of the process, to avoid the biggest mistakes in divorce, and to be confident that they have a thinking partner throughout the whole process so they don’t have to struggle alone!

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