Debra Doak, a CDC Certified Divorce Coach®, shares a story in this short video of how she helped a client overwhelmed with fear work through her issues and get to the point where she was actually looking forward to her new life.

When Debra met her client, she was a stay-at-home who felt stuck. Her marriage was toxic. She’d been dealing with chronic infidelity. But she felt like financially she couldn’t afford to leave.

Debra’s client wasn’t sure how she was going to take care of her kids, and she was just filled with fear about all of the unknowns associated with going through a divorce.

Debra worked with her to identify her fears, challenge those fears with facts, and finally, re-frame them into something more positive. Debra helped her client overcome the fear of making her own decisions, enabling her client to decide and define what her actual priorities were for her life and for her children.

Debra supported her through her first steps – gathering financial documents, working through a budget, and consulting with attorneys so that she could develop a realistic plan and strategy for moving forward. With this plan she was able to go back and get re-certified so she could return to work.

Through working with Debra as her divorce coach, she went from feeling dependent and afraid, to confident that she could and would be self-sufficient. She’s now in the divorce process – it’s not easy, it’s not amicable but she knows she has a great support team, she’s strong and resilient, and she’s going to make it through to the other side with a great new life intact. For the first time in more than a decade, she is hopeful that she is going to have a better, brighter life than the one she’d been settling for.

CDC Certified Divorce Coaches® know and understand first-hand the impact that divorce can have on individuals and families. They bring compassion and confidence into their coaching and enable their clients to focus on the business part of divorce rather than become overwhelmed at the emotional aspect of the process. Unlike other divorce coaches, CDC certified divorce coaches help their clients learn to make better decisions from the very beginning of the process, and to avoid the mistakes in thinking that are at the root of almost all of the legal and financial mistakes in divorce. With a CDC Certified Divorce Coach®, clients can be confident that they have a patient and nonjudgmental thinking partner throughout the whole process so they don’t have to struggle alone!

To find out more about becoming a CDC Certified Divorce Coach® visit us at: or schedule a call with one of the co-founders today.

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