Steve Schleupner, a CDC Certified Divorce Coach®, shares an uplifting client story in this short video. Steve’s client, Mark, came to him facing a trifecta of problems – he had retired, lost his mother, and his fiance’ had left him all within a short period of time. Mark was struggling emotionally and feeling that he wasn’t “good enough.”

Steve recognized that even though Mark hadn’t actually been married, the emotional gambit Mark was experiencing mirrored that of a divorce. With the engagement, Mark had made a vow to his fiance’ and with that vow came intention and dreams. When the relationship ended it was very overwhelming for Mark and he was having a hard time dealing with the emotions.

Steve worked with Mark, developing a plan for exercises Mark could do between coaching sessions. Steve and Mark also spent time hiking, because as Steve explains men are able to get more clarity when they’re in movement with nature.

About a year after working together Steve and Mark met again and Mark admitted to Steve that not only was he no longer jumping from one relationship to the next, he was comfortable with himself and enjoying his time alone. Mark had also expanded his sphere of friends. The smile on Mark’s face and the peaceful state he was now in made Steve proud to be a divorce coach.

CDC Certified Divorce Coaches® know and understand first-hand the impact that divorce can have on individuals and families. They bring compassion and confidence into their coaching and enable their clients to focus on the business part of divorce rather than become overwhelmed at the emotional aspect of the process.

To find out more about becoming a CDC Certified Divorce Coach®visit us at: or schedule a call with one of the co-founders today.

Divorce Coach Stories – From Nurse To Divorce Coach

Divorce Coach Stories – From Nurse To Divorce Coach

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