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One of the biggest changes (and most stressful) someone can go through is divorce. Almost everyone has experienced divorce – either personally or through a family member or friend – and we all know how emotionally charged the entire situation is. How we choose to deal with the situation and our perspective during this crisis can have a lasting impact on our lives – whether that’s a positive or negative impact is in our own hands.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of people out there right now, especially with the current situation of the world, either thinking about the divorce process, starting the divorce process, stuck in the middle of the divorce process, or trying to recover from the divorce process that are in need of a CDC Certified Divorce Coach®.

A CDC Certified Divorce Coach® helps the individual caught in the overwhelm of divorce to make the best decisions possible for their future based on their own unique wants, needs, and concerns. A personal divorce coach supports their client in moving forward towards that future, one step at a time. To make the best decisions possible, the client may need to increase the effectiveness of the tools they have at their disposal, including:

  • Decision-making practices
  • Communication skills
  • Conflict competence
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Organization skills
  • Resilience
  • Credibility
  • Future visioning

These tools are important for every step in the process of divorce.

A CDC Certified Divorce Coach® can also help a client who hasn’t yet decided to divorce, who is grappling with the “should I or shouldn’t I” question, to understand the impact of divorce on all aspects of their life – approaching divorce from an “eyes wide open” standpoint to determine if the tradeoffs and consequences of divorce are best for decision for them and their family.

Helping others not only survive but thrive after the dust has settled and the divorce is final can be one of the most fulfilling and satisfying “jobs” you’ll ever do.

Personal Divorce Coaching fills a gap and works in a very practical AND transformative way with individual clients. The roll-up-your-sleeves kind of work that a CDC Certified Divorce Coach® does helps the client in ways that are different from a Therapist, a Mediator, and an Attorney, and complements their work in helping the client to make the best decisions for their future.

This work has a good chance of empowering them to take the high road and change their experience of divorce – for the sake of themselves and their family and their community!

If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a CDC Certified Divorce Coach® visit this page or schedule a call with one of our co-founders today!

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