I know that you have some hard-earned experience from the School of Street Learning about Divorce!

You probably feel very qualified to help others either avoid the mistakes you made OR take advantage of the unique success that you experienced with your divorce?  Which one is it?

YoutubeCoversleveragesmSo let me tell you the 3 benefits as I see them in divorce coaching:

  1. You will get the skills and the tools to work with clients in a much more holistic and practical kind of way.  Divorce coaching involves setting goals and moving forward, doing the internal work necessary to let go and move on, and turning the story of divorce into the business or divorce!
  2. You will develop valuable new ways of approaching problems that will empower your clients, those around you, and make a difference in many different aspects of your own business.
  3. You get to feel great about helping another person put their life back together and also significantly transform your relationships at the same time!  That’s the magic of coaching!

Find out more in our Free Webinar Leveraging Your Experience in Divorce Coaching.

Check out upcoming dates for that value packed webinar where you will learn specifically the 15+ ways you can support men or women struggling their way through divorce find relief from the overwhelm and find peace of mind.

Our next class starts Jan 10. If you would like to arrange a one-on-one  & A Session about the training and certification, please go to my online calendar to find a day and time that works for you: bit.ly/CDC-QA

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