If you still have doubts, and the notion of finding clients is stopping you, we are also piloting a new course designed to help everyone to get their first pro-bono or paying client – support, teaching and coaching – and that course will be ready for consumption right after your class ends.

MindTheGapSome of the other things that participants told us we needed to share with you because they didn’t really know they would get these:

  • A Community of other professionals who you interact with during the program and can continue to interact through any number of projects.  For example, we are producing a book with 10 coaches – I am writing the fore ward and each of the coaches is contributing a chapter to what we know will be an Amazon best-seller! That will be out in about 90 days!  We plan other collaborative opportunities to build your expert credibility as we move forward.
  • Comprehensive Manual in a Three-Ring Binder that you will use long after the course ends.
  • Mentor Support and Peer Coaching during the program as well as very positive in-class coaching experiences.
  • A proprietary process for coaching divorce which pulls everything together and makes it easy and not at all overwhelming as you start to work with clients.
  • And very importantly – a safe and supportive environment with divorce experts who share their perspectives and help you understand how to make connections with others like themselves.

So what are you waiting for?

Set up a no strings attached call with Pegotty or Randy by going to our online calendar and finding a date and time which works best for you: calendly.com/pegottyc

P.S. As a little consideration you may want to know that we are offering our 2015 prices through Dec 31 – maybe even through Jan 1 if you want to kick off the new year with a bold commitment. And at the beginning of work on January 4 we are introducing our 2016 pricing.

Contact me: calendly.com/pegottyc

P.P.S. We are also offering our free live virtual trainings in January. Check out our calendar: certifieddivorcecoach.com/free-webinars

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