How do you turn the story of the divorce into the business of divorce? Clients need our support in helping them to shift their focus from the emotional responses in divorce to the practical, fact-based process for moving forward.

No archeological digs, no museum walks, no looking in the rear-view mirror –

Why do clients go there? It is what they know – trying to persuade you to dig around in the details of what happened with them. “What happened” is what brings them to this moment in time. Now our role as coach is to refocus the client on the next decisions they need to make as they move forward ultimately towards the life they want to lead post-divorce. No point in looking back because we aren’t going that way.

Your client may resist. Your client may insist. What you resist, persists. And focusing on what you don’t want instead of what you do want is a great strategy for having a long and expensive divorce.

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Turning the Story of Divorce into the Business of Divorce

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