Let’s face it – there is no “good time” to take on a significant professional development project. We have heard the same comments from people several years in a row. And then they realize that if that want to actually become a certified divorce coach, they have to make the time to do it.

Here is another secret – while this is a professional development program, many find their relationships are changed in very positive ways. What they worried about or kept pushing others to do now come easily when they go through the internal changes you experience in becoming a divorce coach. This is what graduates tell us over and over – I didn’t expect to see such dramatic changes in all my relationships; now people listen to what I have to say and we connect with great openness and trust.

That frees up time and brings peace of mind from the mental chatter. Now they have more energy to do the things that are important to them.

How about you?

Is it time to take on a new professional endeavor AND have more productive relationships everywhere in your life?

This is the final few days to enroll in the September – December Divorce Coaching Intensive. We will be available all of the Labor Day Weekend to answer your questions and register you in the program if it is a good fit for your goals. The program started this week. You can watch the video of the first session in each track and jump into class #2 this coming week.

Set up a call with one of the two co-founders between now and Monday by clicking on our online calendar to pick the best day and time for you: http://bit.ly/CDC-QA.

We look forward to celebrating your success with you in December when the course ends and you join our community of Certified Divorce Coaches!

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