Do you know that the three biggest months for filing for divorce are January February and March? If you want to be ready to make yourself visible as a Certified Divorce Coach at the beginning of 2018, you can do that if you jump into the course which starts August 29 or 30 and ends December 21 or 22.

Start the new year with a new focus for your practice! And if you are one of the many people that have said to us “I have been looking at this for a couple of years now!”, isn’t it time to take the leap of faith?

Want to know what our last class of graduates said about our program?

“This is an excellent course that really gives you the full range to educate and serve your clients on divorce while protecting yourself by learning the boundaries of the profession.”

“The program not only strengthened my core coaching skills but provided a process framework and critical advanced competency development for the specialized and often high conflict area of divorce. The skills I learned have also benefited my work with leadership/executive coaching.”

“It is a deep dive into the business of divorce coaching with a focus on educating and nurturing high-integrity, empowering, professional coaches from many backgrounds and experiences.”

“The level of professional training I received from the CDC Certification Program sets them apart from any other Divorce Coaching Certification I checked into.”

“The CDC training program was like a college course for me! It was not a ‘fluffy’ coaching certification program. The divorce coach training was unique, specific, in-depth, and lead by experts. The classmates were of a high caliber and a pleasure to work with and learn from as well.”

We are in full swing signing up participants for our Fall Divorce Coaching Intensive Program. We have many more people who have said they want to participate than we can accommodate because we cap each class at 12 people.

It is first come, first served based on sending us your completed enrollment form.

Need an enrollment form? Please go to our online calendar to set up a one-on-one call with either one of us to answer your questions and to make sure this is a fit for your goals.

We would love to welcome you into our Divorce Coaching Intensive Program.
Are you ready?

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