I have been very impressed with the CDC Certified Divorce Coach Program and feel that it was very much worth my investment in time and money. The classes were in depth and very well organized. I learned much more than I expected and feel well prepared to work as a divorce coach.
Pegotty and Randy created a warm and safe learning environment where I felt supported and safe to ask questions or contribute to discussions. Taking the training was a very positive and enriching experience for me. I highly recommend the CDC Certified Divorce Coach Program to anyone who wants to work and help people going through a divorce or separation.

Gudrun Eichhorst

B.B., Canada

I know how much I have gained by being a part of the CDC Certified Divorce Coach class. I learned so much and feel lucky that I happened to stumble upon your website one night over the summer. I was impressed by how organized and succinct each class was. Having a manual in hand in addition to being in class was wonderful and really helped clarify things. The patience that was shown in each class was calming and welcoming and most important, non-threatening. Thank you for all that. This was my first experience being in a class since graduate school in 1997! Things have definitely changed considering I didn’t have to drive to class and I didn’t see any faces! The voices became friendly and familiar and it was wonderful.
Esther Jacob

Beverly Hills, CA

When I found CDC I had been struggling to find a way to talk about what I do; empowering women take charge of their divorce and build an experience they’ll one day look back on with pride. But I didn’t know how to present it and, as it turns out, there’s a lot more to divorce coaching than just coaching.

Today I have the confidence and the education to know how to serve my clients in a plethora of ways. Just as importantly is knowing exactly who my target market is and where their pain truly is. My private practice is already growing and I am confident that I cam take this as far as I want to go. CDC made the difference between spending of years of trial and error learning some potentially hard lessons on my own vs. being able to hit the ground running.

Petalyn Swart Albert

Half Moon Bay, CA

Why you should care what I think: With a Ph.D. in social psychology, 14 years as a licensed psychologist, and certifications in various personal and professional training and growth modalities up the wazoo, I’ve experienced a LOT of training programs. So you can trust what I’m about to say.

Why you should do the CDC program: It’s flat-out terrific. Pegotty and Randy Cooper are just what you would want in instructors: professional, caring experienced, clear, truly committed to high values, visionary, practical, a joy to hang out with and learn from. The program is well structured and crammed full of inspiring context, immediately useful information, and engaging exercises, with excellent, well-debriefed practice coaching sessions. You’ll emerge well-grounded in both a highly profitable new coaching specialty (and in the fundamentals of coaching at a level far beyond most coach training programs if you elect to include the Coaching Foundations track) AND with tremendously practical guidance from both the Coopers and the excellent guest lecturers they bring in on how to build a coaching business from scratch or dramatically expand the one you already have.

And the other students attracted to this program are committed, smart, and a pleasure to work with.

What’s not to like? Really, NOTHING. Everything. from lectures to webinar slides to the wonderful mentor coaching provided by past students was first rate. Oh – except the (HUGE) course manual needed a proofreader. It had a LOT of typos. And the conference call technology was flaky. But after they switched providers, there were no further problems with conference calls. And Pegotty assures me the manual has been fixed. So:

If you want to increase your income, your level of professionalism, and your ability to make a significant positive difference in many people’s lives, stop reading reviews right now.

Dr. Kalen Hammann

Largo, FL

Kudos to two dedicated professionals. Your program is well-thought-out and your materials are top-notch. You are making a positive contribution to those who want to enter the divorce coaching field, as well as making a positive impact on the way people experience and handle divorce. Through coaching, divorcing individuals have more options for receiving the support and guidance they need to effectively navigate the many challenges inherent in the divorce process. You are making a difference in the lives of many individuals and their families.
Joanne Donner, MS, CDFA, CDPC


One of the things I found most valuable in the CDC Certified Divorce Coach Program was the multi-disciplinary aspect of both the fellow coaching students and the different presenters. There was a nice cross-section of professional backgrounds, and personalities, and perspectives. What I understand now as a result of that is that coaching does not have to be just one thing; it can be applied in many different ways and many different contexts. I now have more tools in my toolbox and can help clients in a wider range of circumstances.
David Barry, JD

New Jersey

While I understood there clearly was a need for coaching support outside the divorce lawyer’s office, finding the right training was not so straight forward.

I turned to the highly respected Coach U and found the program was solid and extensive, however, I sensed that to be Divorce Coach I was missing critical training. I could have saved thousands of dollars and years worth of training time had I discovered the opportunities that the CDC offered sooner.

After discovering CDC through internet searches, I began to investigate the program. Fortunately, two Coach U instructors encouraged me to enroll. Finally, I was in the right place, I was learning what I needed and wanted to learn. Divorce coaching is unique, the training should be unique. Randy and Pegotty understand the world of divorce and the knowledge coaches need to support clients. Adding to our credibility with the other divorce professionals, CDC certified coaches are trained to not cross the legal, financial or mental health boundaries.

A graduate of the program is not only trained to coach but given the tools and resources to set up a practice. Randy and Pegotty want us to succeed! The CDC offers tremendous support to graduates. I have reached out and received coaching, materials and guidance several times. The directors are extremely generous with their time. Divorce coaching can be tricky but having the confidence of superior training and knowing they are there if you need makes it a rewarding and adventurous profession. I am very proud to be CDC certified divorce coach.

Debra Block


My name is Bruce Teall. I have been a mental health professional for almost twenty years. One of the things that became obvious to me after working with people that are going through a divorce or have survived a divorce is that divorce is one of the most significant and potentially difficult events in a person’s life. The other thing that became obvious is that there was a significant gap in the professional services available to a man or woman facing divorce. I didn’t know of any kind of professional that could walk you through divorce by connecting you with a lawyer or financial planner, assisting you to think clearly, or just help you to get through the business of divorce.

When my wife saw an online article about divorce coaching I immediately recognized this as the missing piece. I sent an email to Randy that led to a phone conversation about the Certified Divorce Coach program. I was struck by his openness and professionalism — no hard sell, just solid explanation of the program. I decided to sign up and have not regretted the decision in the least. The program is very thorough and comprehensive and Pegotty is a skilled teacher. It focuses on core coaching skills, information about the divorce process, and even the business of promoting and running a successful divorce coaching practice. I found the online format very accessible and the focus on actual live coaching in a supportive learning environment invaluable. At the end of the course I felt fully prepared to add divorce coaching to my practice — but also glad that Randy and Pegotty are still just email away if I need them.

Bruce Teall, LCSW-R

New York

My name is Linda Blume and as a member of the first Divorce Coaching Certification class I was impressed; however, not nearly as much until I attended the second class as review. The developers Pegotty and Randy Cooper have done an amazing job of providing an in depth and thorough exposure of pertinent and comprehensive materials as well as techniques to assist the future Divorce Coach in the development of their new coaching niche business. You will find yourself as well prepared as any course you have ever participated in at the college level
Linda Blume


I’ve been in a lot of college classes, programs, training over the past 15 years and I have to honestly say this program has been life changing. Your program is truly transformational! In a short period of time, my life has changed so drastically and it’s exactly what I needed to get my life and my career on track. I still have A LOT to do, but you’ve given me the knowledge, experience, tools and confidence to keep moving toward my goal of becoming the best life and divorce coach that I can possibly be! Thank you so much for such a superb training program!
Elle Sorenson


I knew that the skills I was learning in the certified divorce coach program would be valuable in working with people in divorce. Some of the approaches to listening and communication have been really eye opening. But until I worked with the communication skills myself – I didn’t really see the full scope of the training we were getting in the program.

I had a very tough negotiation the other day. As I sat down with the other person and a negotiator, I thought about the skills we had been practicing and I decided to use them to help me with this challenging situation. I was amazed at how easy it made the conversation and I got everything I wanted. On the way out of the meeting, the negotiator said to me “You are quite the negotiator”. I realized at that moment what an impact this course would have on many other parts of my life.

Sara Weiss

New York

I enrolled in CDC’s divorce coaching course at a time when I believed it was critical for me to create a life-shift. I was a stay-at-home mother, debilitated with stress from being in the midst of my own divorce proceedings and having difficulty embracing faith over fear. I knew that my calling was to help others, as with my former nursing career, and I knew that I had to start taking action toward carving out my future work. The CDC program was amazingly empowering on a personal level and extremely in-depth from an educational standpoint. It helped me to waylay so much fear, develop skills and knowledge for a new career path and create a big transformational shift in my own life! I am extremely grateful for Randy and Pegotty! Their genuine regard for myself and others, in addition to all of their efforts in creating such a comprehensive and altruistic course aimed at changing the face of divorce will always be appreciated! Thank you for leading me to “the high road”!
Beth Ashby


The CDC Certified Divorce Coach® Program is a comprehensive, breakthrough program designed to train professionals to assist individuals through all stages of divorce. Coaching competencies and foundations are explored in a detailed interactive real world manner. Program materials and online resources are outstanding and provide a handy reference to support successful coaching. I learned exactly what coaching is, how it differs from counseling and legal work, and how we compliment and can work effectively with other professionals. The weekly calls were structured to allow coaching practice and specific feedback. The carefully selected small class size also enhanced what we learned and the assignments in between classes supported and expanded what was learned. Business development and marketing were covered and resources were available to help me develop my practice and hit the ground running.

Randy and Pegotty Cooper are empathetic, highly skilled and committed to changing the conversation in, and around divorce.

I look forward to impacting my coaching clients with the tools I have acquired in the program. It truly is a game changer in the divorce field.

Robert M. Bilsker, M.S.


Your program is a perfect match for me. My book is written and in final editing and I plan to do group workshops based on the book. I am citing this program and its trademarked certification in the acknowledgements and I think the mention will draw some attention to your program. This program is perfect because I will use the listening and coaching skills I have expanded through this program. I wish I would have gone through your program before I finished my book because I could have taken it up to another level. That’s how growth works – I’ll have more insights for a revision later I guess.

I recently decided to move to Los Angeles to start my divorce workshops. I am in final design of the workshop and I have a team established – Divorce Attorney, Collaborative Divorce Specialist, and CPA. This is my “divorce transformation” – took me four years to reinvent myself.

Your voice is lovely and calm for training; I hope I can refine my style a bit more in the future. And, by the way, you and Randy are great together as course leaders. I recognize the great work you are doing in this field.

Cheryl Cooper


My name is Eudine Herbert, Owner and Principal Mediator and Conflict Coach at Herbert Mediation Center. I was struggling in my mediation practice when I was approached by Pegotty Cooper about becoming a Certified Divorce Coach. I was thrilled at the idea because while I had gone already gone through divorce mediation training, being able to offer divorce coaching was, I my opinion, a great way to round out my practice.

I have never been married and therefore have never experienced divorce firsthand. However, I have several friends who have experienced divorced, and for most the after affects always seemed to be just as devastating as the divorce itself. I was never able to really help them, except to offer support and words of encouragement. Now, that I have taken the training and become a Certified Divorced Coach, I feel confident that I can walk any individual through whatever phase they choose to utilize my coaching services, including pre-divorce and post-divorce.

The Certified Divorce Coach training is precise and organized. The facilitators know their stuff, are helpful and encouraging in every class. I would highly recommend this program to anyone with a passion for divorce coaching.

Eudine Herbert, M.ED., NPCM


My name is Suzan Galluci and I have proudly completed my certification for becoming a Certified Divorce Coach. At times it was a little intense but well worth the effort! Working with the facilitators and knowing their commitment to our success made all the difference in the world. It allowed us to absorb the information and that information is critical in serving the clients who professionally depend on us and our knowledge. I am enrolled in a masters program for Mental Health Counseling and I am a member of the American Counseling Association. I participated in this certification program for the divorce populations and very honestly I thought it was way over my limits! So instead of considering that I dove right in and facilitated a divorce and separated support program at my church putting into practice everything that I had learned in this program. … Understanding not only how to bring out the best in someone but also how to respect the boundaries of the other professionals involved in the divorce process which is very important. The training has also covered the competencies which have been established by the International Coach Federation. Overall this has been a valuable addition to my education!
Suzan Gallucci


I loved the program – I am a convert! I didn’t expect to get all that I got from it. It changed my life in terms of the way I think about dealing with people. Even in my own thought processes have changed. If I never have a client, I have developed a new way of thinking and a new way of looking at the world. I also loved the business development sections; I can now do the workshop outline that I have been thinking about for 15 years. This program has lit a fire under me!
Zoe Davidson

Winnetka, CA

I found the CDC program completely met my needs as a certified coach looking to develop a divorce coaching niche. The content and tools were extremely relevant and help me gain clarity on each of the 3 key stages to the divorce process; should I or shouldn’t I, the business of divorce and redefining yourself and your environment. Pegotty was a masterful leader who led us through the program as a excellent role model in the art and science of being a specialized divorce coach.
Andrea Star

San Anselmo, California

What an extraordinary and pivotal experience the CDC Program has been for me as a coach! It provided the quality of professionalism and stretching I was looking for, the excellence of expectations from coaches, and the CORE Process coaching framework and CDC tools with which to work. The class of other professionals and their expertise provided valuable perspectives as well!
Lori Burton-Cluxton

Mason, Ohio

This class exceeded my expectations and was priceless!!!! Pegotty and Randy were amazing role models and inspired me to do my best!!! The tools were instrumental and provided me with confidence that I can succeed!!! The knowledge and expertise involved with the class were over the top!!!
Kerri Schnapper

New York

Highly professional leaders. Knowledgeable, understanding, informative. It went at the perfect pace so that we could thoroughly learn the material. We had excellent, vibrant and highly skilled guest speakers, A very positive experience from beginning to end. I would absolutely choose this course again!
Julie Prindiville

Victoria, BC, Canada

I am exceptionally happy with my decision to participate in the CDC Divorce Coaching Program. I thoroughly enjoyed it and found great value in the Program’s contents and the comprehensiveness of the Program. The Instructors are highly experienced and presented the materials in a very detailed yet understandable manner. It was money well spent on and invested in my career.
Lisa M. McNally

Dover, New Hampshire

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