CHCC Career Coach® Training and Certification


The CHCC Career Coach® certification mark is used to identify individuals who, perform personal divorce coaching services for members of the public. Certified individuals deliver personal divorce coaching services according to the Standards of Ethics and Professional Responsibilities. Only certified individuals who have completed the training and perform personal divorce coaching services according to the professional standards taught in the training and required by the certification regulations are authorized to use the CHCC Career Coach® mark.

Divorce Coaching and Career Coaching go hand in hand. Whether your clients are young single parents, mid-life parents of late teens or young adults, or senior citizens divorcing and now establishing their new chapter, having financial means is important to feel secure and self-reliant. Developing the confidence in the skills you bring to the table and the courage to put yourself out there is a significant part of the divorce recovery process. A career coach is that thinking partner to create your value in a career or in a business.

Modules Include:

1. Divorce Journey in Faith: Reflection on Your Journey
2. Faith, Marriage, and Divorce
3. Give Yourself Some Grace: Finding Your True Self

4. Forgiveness and Bridge-Building
5. Stories that Inspire
6. Creating an Environment for Thriving in Your Faith
7. Best Practices as a Faith-Based Divorce Coach
8. Carrying the Message Further: Educating Others about Divorce and the Need for a Safe Place for Children and Families Grieving the Many Losses that Divorce Brings.

CDC CHCC Career Coach®

Eight 2-hour sessions
Thursdays from 3-5 pm ET
September 28 Orientation: 3-4 pm ET
October 5, 12, 19, 26
November 2, 9, 16, 30

The cost is $990 (payment plan options – 2 payments of $520, or 3 payments of $360).

Chartered Career Coaching Coach Interest

If you are already a CDC Certified Divorce Coach, please make sure to use the same Name and email address as you have in your account.

Why You Need Specialty Certification


CDC Specialty Coach Training Certifications are vital supplemental credentials designed exclusively for CDC Certified Divorce Coaches seeking to engage clients grappling not only with the intricacies of divorce, but also with additional challenging factors specific to each specialty certification. These certifications provide advanced coaching tools, alongside specialized expertise and knowledge necessary to address amplified concerns that arise within the dissolution of marriage. By obtaining these specialty certifications, divorce coaches enhance their ability to attract clients seeking guidance through complex circumstances, thus offering a more comprehensive and tailored approach to support during the divorce journey.

CHCC Career Coach® Advisory Group


A group of professionals from various backgrounds and who are also CDC Certified Divorce Coaches dedicated their time and energy to identify the content for the Specialty Coach Training and Specialty Certifications. Together all members of the advisory group participated in the Pilot Program, each taking part in the weekly sessions, contributing additional insight and bringing a richness to the topics and discussions because of their own intimate involvement in the experience that their clients may also be having.

Wendy Kesser

Lisa Grace

Christy Mendelow

Noam Raucher

Hear What Graduates Have To Say:


The CDC Faith Based Divorce Coaching Program has been a transformative experience for me. Despite working as a coach since 2013, obtaining certification from the International Coach Federation in 2018, and even certifying as a CDC Divorce Coach in 2019, it is only now that I truly feel my work as a coach is aligned with my values because it is now aligned with my faith. Before, I felt something was missing, but being a part of this program has helped to align my values, faith, and work. Clients seek me out specifically for a faith-based approach and I’m more fulfilled as a coach than ever before. I am grateful to Pegotty and Randall Cooper for offering such a valuable program that, like me, will undoubtedly empower other coaches to better serve their clients by aligning their faith with their work.

Christy Mendelow, ACC, CDC®, CDS

Divorce will leave your clients in a wilderness.  When your clients are done wandering, this course will help them find the direction they need to reach their promised land.

Noam Raucher, Rabbi, M.A.Ed, Certified Divorce Coach

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