Divorce is a process that can overwhelm your life. If not approached properly, decisions made during this period can result in serious mistakes that can have long-term consequences for everyone involved.

by mapichai

by mapichai

The overwhelming nature of divorce leads to six common, yet entirely avoidable, mistakes:

  • forgetting who the decision makers are,
  • taking a “my way or the highway” approach to negotiation,
  • limiting your resources to only your attorney,
  • throwing in the towel,
  • betting the farm on another relationship,
  • and wanting guarantees and certainty.

These six mistakes are far from inconsequential mishaps: They can lead to a number of major legal, financial, and other wrong turns.

So, how do you help your client cope with being overwhelmed and avoid the six biggest mistakes people make in divorce?

How can you help them embark on this  journey, maintain their dignity and sense of self, and make the best decisions?

That’s what a personal Divorce Coach does. A Divorce Coach provides guidance as you sort through your thoughts, helps you tap into your creative and problem-solving skills, and prepares you mentally for the rollercoaster of emotions you’ll experience. A Divorce Coach ensures you don’t have to “go it alone.”

Are you interested in becoming a divorce coach? It is not too late to join our 16 week CDC Certified Divorce Coach Program which meets on Thursdays at either 12 – 2 pm ET  or 7 – 9 pm ET and starts tomorrow!  And we ensure with our community of divorce coaches that you don’t have to “go it alone”.  Email us today to grab one of the few remaining seats!  cdc-registrar@certifieddivorcecoach.com.    See what others have to say about the program by going to www.certifieddivorcecoach.com/testimonials/ .

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