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Why Coaching?

As a custody evaluator for the courts for nearly twenty years, I have learned why divorced or separating parents do not want to go through the family court system in a way that tears a family apart, more than the divorce already did! There is a better way!! Having written parenting plans for hundreds of families, there is an art to writing a plan that honors both parents’ needs but, most importantly, the needs of the children. Having a sound, solid road map to follow, most parents can navigate and negotiate their way through their divorce without costly and contentious litigation. I will work with you on learning to “negotiation your way to mutual agreement”™

As a divorce coach, I work with one or both parties to create an environment that is healthy for all parties moving forward. Reducing the stress and creating a peaceful, dignified divorce process, the family is able to move on in a manner that allows the children to have the greatest gift you can give them which is permission to love both of their parents. I also offer a court-approved co-parenting workshop, “For the Kids”, which covers the nuts and bolts of co-parenting. As a coach for your family, we can cover the same content in the coaching environment and tailor the material to suit the specific needs of your family. You will learn to “love your children more than you hate your ex”™

Benefits of Coaching:

  • Learn to communicate more effectively
  • Make change a positive experience
  • Commit to taking the high road (even if your ex doesn’t!)
  • Increase your self-confidence
  • Gain new and valuable resources
  • Learn to see things differently/gain a new perspective
  • Save the money typically spent on costly litigation

I am happy to offer a no-obligation complimentary session to individuals or separating/divorcing couples wanting to get through the process in a peaceful and dignified manner. I consider it an honor and privilege to serve your family.

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