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J.D., CDC Certified Divorce Coach ®,
Simply Parent Advisory Board Member,
Bridge to Justice, Co-Chair

Boulder, CO

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Are you having difficulties in your current relationship and need coaching on how to maintain the relationship? Or are you trying to decide whether the time is right to leave the relationship?  Have you already begun the process of separation or divorce? Or are you continuing to have difficulty with your ex post-divorce?  If you are, Margaret can help you meet the challenges that you are facing. The decisions you make at this time can have a profound impact on your future and your children’s future.  Margaret can provide you with the support that you need to make knowledgeable and informed decisions.

“Margaret skillfully coached me through the process of dealing with a narcissistic ex spouse. After years of dealing with the legal system and almost giving up, she took what felt like an insurmountable task, broke it down into logical steps and gave me the courage and tools I desperately needed to face it and work through it successfully. Working with her has definitely changed my life.”

Margaret offers one-on-one sessions via phone or in-person.

Contact Margaret by phone or email for a complimentary discovery session.


Why did I become a Divorce Coach?

Margaret’s personal experience with divorce convinced her that there is a better way to go through the separation and divorce process.  As a client herself, she was surprised to find out that her own attorney was not actually trained to provide the kind of support that a client naturally expects.  Some years later, she became trained as a divorce coach.

About Me

Margaret has over 25 years experience as an attorney representing clients primarily in the area of divorce and child custody. She has handled every type of case, from the most amicable to those that are termed “high conflict”.  She has particular expertise in the area of parental alienation, and is an advisory board member to Simply Parent. Margaret brings her personal and professional experience together to provide you with a hands-on practical and caring approach.  Her goal is to give you exceptional support and advice that will assist you in navigating this difficult time.

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