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Divorce Coaching became a passion of mine, because over my 30-year career, I kept seeing so many marriages break apart with neither the husband nor wife being able to communicate… why. What happened to get them to that point? And, the sad thing is that their children and all their family’s hopes, dreams and goals were the ultimate casualties.

I help women and families in conflict to work toward the best possible decisions during these times of crisis. Sometimes I help them back on the path to reconciliation when that is their choice. Sometimes my role is to help them move through the divorce with greater ease, co-parent effectively and create a healthy future for their children.

My specialty is working with women who are trying to re-establish themselves after divorce or other unexpected life crisis. I help them to have more focus and direction, build their confidence and hope, knowing they can have a happy well-adjusted life and family!

My Coaching Clients Benefit from learning how to:

  • Create a more balanced life: By putting the oxygen mask on themselves first
  • Accept accountability, responsibility and ownership for their choices
  • Take more, better, and smarter actions: Because the goals set are what they really want
  • Grow: And are not be consumed in the process
  • Make better decisions: Because their focus is clear
  • Have more energy and feel better about themselves


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