divorce-coachIf you or anyone you know has gone through a divorce, perhaps you can identify with the reaction that 9 out of 10 people who hear about the concept of divorce coach have:  “I wish I had had one of those for my divorce!”

If you are passionate about making a difference with others and you are a professional who wants to add a coaching skillset, we want to share our secret Easy and Natural “Become the Center of Influence” Process© for growing your visibility and cementing your relevance to established attorneys, therapists, and other professionals who have the ability to refer divorcing clients to you.

WHAT: “Get More Clients for Divorce Coaching The Easy and Natural Way”

WHEN: Thursday, August 26, 9 am Pacific, 10 am Mountain, 11 am Central, and 12 – 1:30 pm ET.

Eventbrite - Getting More Clients for Divorce Coaching - The Easy and Natural Way

What you will take away from this virtual webinar are actionable insights and details about how you can grow your visibility to potential clients and those who can refer in specific ways. You will also be given information about how you can take what we cover deeper – a path forward if what we cover really strikes a chord for you!

If you want to add a service to your business that solves a real problem in a life-changing way, especially for children and families caught in the middle of divorce, this really is a professional divorce coach training program you want to explore!
Eventbrite - Getting More Clients for Divorce Coaching - The Easy and Natural Way
We’ll answer any questions you have about any aspect of Divorce Coaching or any aspect of becoming a Divorce Coach. And we will make it a valuable experience so you can take the information from here and use it tomorrow.

We welcome your questions.
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We look forward to talking with you soon about becoming a Certified Divorce Coach!

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