The Divorce Recovery Mentor

CDC Certified Divorce Coach®
San Diego, CA
Phone: 858-228-6760

I am a Divorce Coach that specializes in working with women caught off guard by divorce. I help them feel confident, find a sense of security and be happy again.

Holding onto the idea that life didn’t turn as we expected is the biggest reason we remain stuck in our pain. I’m a divorce coach because I want to help others move from a place of pain to a place of purpose and fulfillment.

When it comes to divorce, you have a choice, either “get bitter” or “get better.” I help you get better.

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What makes me unique:

I guide a person through the transition from from married to “happily” divorced. I know it’s possible because I did it myself. Back in 2011, I went through a devastating divorce; I even wrote a book about it called Surviving the Unwanted Divorce.

It’s possible to create a life that you love after the devastation of divorce, and coaching is the catalyst that accelerates necessary change.

Through coaching, I help a person navigate the divorce process without falling into the common emotional pitfalls. My forward-thinking approach minimizes the “overwhelm” of divorce. As a result, my clients feel confident that they are making wise, informed decisions regarding their divorce.

My Divorce Coaching Clients benefit from learning such things as how to:

  • Identify the obstacles holding them back.
  • Discover their options as we gather information and bring clarity around the “overwhelm” of divorce.
  • Get mentally and emotionally prepared for the legal and financial demands of divorce.
  • Shift perspective. When we cannot change the situation, we must change the way we look at the situation.
  • Explore the next steps forward by devising a plan of action to ease the unknown and uncertainty of divorce.
  • Execute the plan of action.

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