It’s the thinking about the problem that is the problem!

That’s true in dealing with divorce, whether it is about saving money, saving time, being more effective, having less emotional upset, and about creating a kinder and gentler process, especially when there are children involved.

The CDC Certified Divorce Coach® Program is the worldwide professional standard for personal divorce coaching. Several professionals enrolled in our program each session tell us they have been thinking about this for several months if not a couple of years. Maybe that is you too! Or maybe you just heard about divorce coaching.

Wherever you are in this discovery process, we are offering to those who register by July 20, a live pre-program bonus course to help you define your ideal client and to show you how to gather clients and build a big practice. Register for our Divorce Coaching Intensive Program by Friday, July 20th and be eligible for our early-enrollment bonus program: Getting Clients for Divorce Coaching. Schedule a call with us to have all your questions answered, including those you didn’t know to ask!

Visit our website for more information about the CDC Divorce Coaching Intensive Program.

Schedule a call with us to answer all your questions and request an enrollment form.

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