I may be biased – my answer is to register in the CDC Certified Divorce Coach Program.  You will have an excellent experience and learn so much that you can apply not only to Divorce but also to many areas of coaching as well as to many areas of your own life!

2016NewYearHow can I say this?  Our recent graduates are actually saying it. Recent graduates who are coaches, therapists, mediators and attorneys – and if you want to verify it with them, they have provided their names:

“Highly professional leaders. Knowledgeable, understanding, informative. It went at the perfect pace so that we could thoroughly learn the material. We had excellent, vibrant and highly skilled guest speakers. A very positive experience from beginning to end. I would absolutely choose this course again!” Julie Prindiville


“I found the CDC program completely met my needs as a certified coach looking to develop a divorce coaching niche. The content and tools were extremely relevant and help me gain clarity on each of the 3 key stages to the divorce process; should I or shouldn’t I, the business of divorce and redefining yourself and your environment. Pegotty was a masterful leader who led us through the program as an excellent role model in the art and science of being a specialized divorce coach.”
Andrea Star



“I am exceptionally happy with my decision to participate in the CDC Divorce Coaching Program. I thoroughly enjoyed it and found great value in the Program’s contents and the comprehensiveness of the Program. The Instructors are highly experienced and presented the materials in a very detailed yet understandable manner. It was money well spent on and invested in my career.”
Lisa M. McNally



“What an extraordinary and pivotal experience the CDC Program has been for me as a coach!  It provided the quality of professionalism and stretching I was looking for, the excellence of expectations from coaches, and the CORE Process coaching framework and CDC tools with which to work.  The class of other professionals and their expertise provided valuable perspectives as well!”
Lori Burton-Cluxton

The most moving part of the comments we received in the final classroom was the frequent use of the word “transformed” to describe what they had gotten from the course that they didn’t expect to get.

So what are you waiting for?

Set up a no strings attached call with Pegotty or Randy by going to our online calendar and finding a date and time which works best for you: calendly.com/pegottyc

P.S. As a little consideration you may want to know that we are offering our 2015 prices through Dec 31 – maybe even through Jan 1 if you want to kick off the new year with a bold commitment. And at the beginning of work on January 4 we are introducing our 2016 pricing.

Contact me: calendly.com/pegottyc

P.P.S. We are also offering our free live virtual trainings in January. Check out our calendar: certifieddivorcecoach.com/free-webinars

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