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Many clients emerge from the divorce now as single head of household and often with the big question: “Who am I now?  I don’t even know who I am after all these years as someone’s wife (or husband), someone’s mother (or father), and someone’s co-signer!”

While this question comes up as the person moves into their post-divorce life, it is also lurking underneath the question of, “What do I need as this marriage ends and I move on with the rest of my life?”

Becoming a divorce coach and going through the rigorous training to earn the title of a CDC Certified Divorce Coach® provides many valuable tools which both prepare you for working with individual clients dealing with divorce – before, during and after – and provide the space for you to discover many ways to bounce back from divorce.

A CDC Divorce Coach® recognizes that creating a new identity in the divorce process is part of letting go of the past and focusing on the next chapter. They understand that if their client doesn’t take charge of creating their new identity, they’ll be stuck where they are. And even worse, possibly destined to repeat the same choices they’ve made in the past – getting the same results.

In creating the next chapter, the client has an opportunity to let go of the hurts from the past, to remember the dreams that may have been stored away in favor of a new romantic relationship, and later because the demands and joys of marriage/parenthood occupied that space.

The advantage to having a thinking partner, a CDC Divorce Coach®, who is trained and skilled at asking the questions which tease out the answers that are hard to focus on during the often-tumultuous divorce process, is that there is some continuity for the client in the planning process from the very beginning and well into the next chapter.  And now equipped with their answers to these questions, the client is much better equipped to help the attorney or mediator understand what their needs are so that they can bring those priorities into the negotiations.

Divorce calls on all participants to go through so much change that perhaps you, as a divorce coach, find yourself cringing at the thought of encouraging your client to create a new identity.

Consider this question: Do you want your client to think of themselves as defined by the fact they are divorced?  Or do you want your clients to find new strengths from the experience and have confidence and courage and zest for living, grounded in who they are as their best self!  The training you will receive during the CDC® Certified Divorce Coach will give you a solid foundation for helping your clients thrive in their new post-divorce reality.

Maybe it’s time to leverage your experience to make a bigger difference for those going through divorce.  If you haven’t already considered it, perhaps it’s time to investigate adding divorce coach into your existing client offerings (or just going out on your own and doing it full time).  You won’t find a more fulfilling and satisfying career than helping people going through what is arguably the most painful and overwhelming experience that can happen to someone and providing them the support to find their own clarity, focus, and confidence to make the best decisions for themselves and their future.

Inspiring Your Clients as they Move into the Next Chapter Happy and Confident!

The intention throughout the CDC Divorce Coach® program is to help clients to develop the capacity during a divorce to make better decisions, to be a better communicator and advocate for themselves, to help them to identify their strengths and who they are at their best so that they have clarity, confidence, and courage as they step into the next chapter with a new identity, new confidence in dealing with conflict and difficult conversations, and new courage that they are capable and competent and have grown from the sometimes painful and difficult divorce experience.  They can walk into the next chapter, stronger and more resilient as a result, having left behind whatever held them back in the past – and now ready to take on the next big challenge – being happy and surrounded by a loving community of people!

You may have a few questions about how your expertise can translate into becoming a CDC Certified Divorce Coach®. The roll-up-your-sleeves kind of work that a divorce coach does helps the client in ways that are different from a therapist, a mediator, and an attorney, and complements their work in helping the client to make the best decisions for their future based on their wants, don’t wants, and their needs. This work has a good chance of empowering them to take the high road and change their experience of divorce – for the sake of themselves and their family! To find out more about becoming a CDC Certified Divorce Coach® visit us at: https://certifieddivorcecoach.com/looking-for-divorce-coach-training/ or schedule a call with one of the co-founders today.


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To find out more about becoming a CDC Certified Divorce Coach® visit us at: https://certifieddivorcecoach.com/looking-for-divorce-coach-training/ or schedule a call with one of the co-founders today.

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