Yesterday in class one of the course participants had an aha moment – she discovered that she had been so focused on supporting her divorcing clients in a particular way that she realized that may be a blind spot! This Aha moment came while we were discussing various perspectives on a series of common divorce scenarios. Change a variable in the facts of the scenario, and a whole different perspective on the approach to take with the client emerges! That is a benefit that comes from the Divorce Coaching Intensive Program where each person brings different background, experience, and perspective.

Whether you are a divorce attorney, a mental health professional, a mom with 5 children, a family mediator or a father struggling to maintain your relationships with your daughter, your perspective and experience are valued; and advance the awareness of all the other participants. We are all that much richer for that diversity of perspective.

Join us on Monday, November 6 at 12 noon ET for a mini-training webinar to explore how to Leverage your Experience and strengths in bringing divorce coaching to your clients.

Click here to register.

If you are unable to attend, contact us for a one-on-one call to answer your questions about how divorce coaching might enhance your work.

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