DEBRA DOAK, Life Renovation Coach

CDC Certified Divorce Coach®, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®, author of High-Conflict Divorce for Women: Your Guide to Coping Skills and Legal Strategies for All Stages of Divorce
Dayton, OH

Phone: 937-907-0076

On the day I finally left, I decided that no woman should be afraid to leave an unhealthy marriage because she feels powerless. No woman should settle for less than she deserves – from her partner or herself.

So now I get up every morning determined to remind ONE MORE WOMAN of her strength and wisdom.

My specialty is working with clients to make hard decisions about their marriages and prepare for divorce so they can move from being dependent and afraid to confident and self-sufficient.

I totally get it. Divorce can be scary – even if you’re the one initiating it. Especially when you don’t understand the process or your options. And if you’re afraid, angry or overwhelmed (or all three), you may not be doing your best thinking. The emotional toll of divorce can make smart people do not-so-smart things.

As a CDC Certified Divorce Coach®, and CDFA®, I will help you…

  • Avoid the 6 biggest mistakes in divorce
  • Make the best possible decisions for your future – with confidence
  • Understand the short-term and long-term financial impact of your options
  • Save money by being a prepared client when meeting with your attorney, accountant, financial planner or realtor
  • Learn how to communicate in a way that gets you heard so you can get what you need
  • Crunch the numbers to create the data you need to make decisions
  • Avoid getting your buttons pushed and co-parent like a boss
  • Start planning for and working toward the new life you deserve
  • Walk away at the end knowing that you 100% showed up for yourself

Whether you are just beginning to think about divorce or are already in the middle of the process, it’s time to stop settling for less … and start designing the life you deserve.

About Me:

I’ve been a successful single parent, step-parent and co-parent and have raised two young adults who are resilient, happy and thriving. I have a BS in Economics, 15 years experience in banking and financial analysis, have worked as the Communications Director for a large local church and as the Marketing/PR Director for a manufacturer. So, all that experience means is that I can talk pretty, crunch a few numbers and listen to your story without judgement.

I am happy to offer a FREE, no obligation Discovery Session. Let’s chat about how you can navigate your divorce with confidence and clarity and create a life you look forward to.

Don’t let geography stop you from getting the support you deserve – I work with clients all over the US. Schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation and let’s chat about where you are and what you need.

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