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Image courtesy of Carlos Porto/

The CDC® Program is celebrating its third anniversary and in the spirit of continual improvement in the standards for a divorce coaching practice, graduates are required to satisfy 16 hours of continuing education requirements for recertification.

Recognizing the rich professional experience and diverse backgrounds of our graduates and the opportunity to reach out to others who offer closely related studies, we have scheduled our first quarter of Continuing Education in the CDC Coach Forum. The purpose of the continuing education hours is to deepen the impact that CDC Certified Divorce Coaches can have on individuals going through divorce – and by extension, on the children and other members of that family, schools and community.

Upcoming Continuing Education Programs include:

August 15 – “How can I help my client build better relationships – including with their lawyer, with their soon-to-be ex, and with their NEXT partner?”
Principles for effective communication and relationship-building drawing on the work of Jack Pransky and John Gottman.

Presented by Dr. Kalen Hammann (Doctorate in social psychology; over 25 years helping people improve their relationships in business and personal relationships, including 14 years working with individuals, couples, and families as a licensed Psychologist in Massachusetts.)

September 19 – Life Coaching Isn’t Just for Grownups – Three Skills All Kids Should Learn Before the Age of 10.
A 1-hour information-packed tele-training that shares three mindset skills that help kids “bounce back with their self-esteem intact”.  This training is ideal for coaches who have kids, who have clients that have kids, or who want to work with kids.

Renaye Thornborrow is the founder and CEO of Adventures in Wisdom™, author of The Adventures in Wisdom Life Coaching Program for Kids™ Curriculum, and leader of a worldwide movement to bring life coaching to kids. Her company’s WISDOM Coach™ Certification program is helping life coaches on five continents and 14 countries use fun stories and activities to bring life coaching and personal development to kids ages 6-12.

October 17 – Scarcity / Abundance: Shifting Your Perspective
Merry Berger asserts that scarcity and abundance is an inside job and Merry Berger has worked the muscle in herself and everywhere in her life and in her work as a divorce coach to make the choice to look at what you have instead of what you don’t have. Merry Berger is trained as a teacher, a yoga instructor, has lead several programs for Landmark Education, as an entrepreneur. She has had numerous careers that have all been successful – from Cheesecakes to Restaurants to Real Estate and now Divorce Coaching.

November 21 Parenting Plans – Highlights and Pitfalls
In response to the request of many CDC program participants, who have clamored for more after Wendy’s two hour presentation on Communicating with Children in Divorce,

Dr. Coughlin will review the Parenting Plan with a focus on the greatest pitfalls in reaching agreement.

Dr. Wendy Coughlin, is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Parenting Coordinator, serving Pinellas County Florida. She is in private practice with over 25 years of experience and provides individual, couple and family counseling and consultation, and information and referrals.

December 19 – Feel Confident and Really Good in Telling Others What You Do!
Because Lorraine is convinced that the cornerstone of any marketing activity is your introduction or answer to the question, “what do you do?”, she is on a non-stoppable mission to help as many business owners as possible craft an introduction that works. She loves helping business owners feel confident and really good about answering the question, “What do you do?”

Lorraine Lane, Lane Business Consulting and Author of Business-Building Referrals, a book all about building a referral –based business available on

Continuing Education as part of the monthly CDC Coach Forum is one of the recent additions to the CDC Certified Divorce Coach Program. Other enhancements this year include CDC Mentor Coaching for six weeks to lay the groundwork for Peer Coaching for the last 8 weeks; and a 6 part Business Development Section in the Manual.

Upcoming Class Schedule:

Noon – 2 pm ET or 8 – 10 pm ET on Thursdays, with the pre-requisite of Coach Training

For those without Coach Training, Noon – 2 pm ET or 8 – 10 pm ET on Mondays

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