CDC Certified Divorce Coach ®

Andover, Massachusetts
Phone : 978-551-8475
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Catharine Blake became a CDC® Certified Divorce Coach after 20 plus years working as a Child and Family Psychotherapist.

After experiencing her own high conflict divorce ten years ago, Catharine came out feeling like there had to be a better way. She specializes in helping her clients navigate their divorce process in a way that leaves their self-esteem, integrity, values and finances intact. With extensive experience in high conflict divorce at all phases, she has built a team of vetted professionals that assist her clients through all aspects of divorce. She is also able to help those dating post divorce and dealing with blended family challenges.

Catharine sees the transition of divorce as an opportunity to redefine life in a way that is more satisfactory and fulfilling for you! Her priority is to help you achieve the best divorce possible. As her clients have said about her, “Catharine has been instrumental in helping me navigate the emotional highs and lows of going through a divorce. Being a mother of three and as the spouse asking for divorce, I dealt with immense amounts of guilt. Even though logically I knew that I was truly making the best decision for my children and I, breaking apart the family is no small decision. Catharine helped me regain years of lost self confidence, helped me see myself as others see me and was an incredible sounding board and resource through the process. I am so thankful that I have her on my side”.

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