CDC Certified Divorce Coach ®, M.Ed Special Education
San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Phone : 415-725-1389
Email : abbythecoach@gmail.com
Website : abbythecoach.com

Whether you marched for equal rights, read Ms. Magazine, managed a big career while caring for your family, or devotedly raised your children, when it comes to later-in-life-divorce, most of us lose confidence, become overwhelmed, indecisive, and immobilized. Divorce is a major life transition.

As your coach, I provide continuing support as you move through the complex process and roller coaster of emotions that accompany dissolution of marriage. Through listening, prioritizing, and gaining perspective, I’ll help you hammer out a workable and results-oriented plan that is both dignified and in sync with your life.

Together we’ll organize the business side of divorce.

We’ll work on the skills you need to effectively communicate with lawyers, mediators, and perhaps others. The skill sets we focus on are:

  • Devising decision-making practices
  • Resolving conflict constructively
  • Maintaining credibility
  • Developing resilience
  • Envisioning the future

Streamline the process, spend fewer dollars, communicate effectively, and take the high road.

As your divorce coach, let’s start with a complimentary discovery session and get this done, together!

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