You may have been thinking about the training to become a CDC Certified Divorce Coach or adding new tools to give you an advantage when working with divorce clients. These comments from course participants as they wrap up the 16 weeks of classes tell me we are on the right track, even after the 50 classes we have led during the past eight years. I thought you might find them inspiring and maybe even answer some of your questions about how it might fit into your plans.

“I always wanted to do coaching and I came to this program to learn a process. I got much more, including the confidence to know that I can do this!”Financial Professional

“The business aspect of how to put this together as a professional practice after coach training was fantastic.”Travel Professional

“This program far exceeded my expectation including the personal growth and tools provided. And I got exposure to a new field I would have written off, but now I see it as a new profession!”Therapist

“What I expected from this program was something that would be an extension of the law. I was blown away by how much I grew personally.”Seasoned Family Attorney with a Successful Practice

“I got so much more from this course than I expected to get and didn’t realize that we would take what we learned into our own lives!”Certified Executive Coach

“What happened during this course was totally transformational. I am simply more self-aware in the way I engage people and the way I respond!”Family Attorney and Mediator

“What I got was the confidence to know I can build a business!”Certified Coach

We are about to start our next class after the New Year’s holiday. I hope that we have piqued your curiosity enough to arrange a one-on-one call with one of the co-founders of the certification. In a 30-minute call, you can find out more about the course content; and understand what the options are for class times (all live webinar classes) and payment options. We will be happy to be available throughout the holidays to have a call with you . Click here to arrange.

Wishing you the best during the holidays!

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