When Will All of this Change Stop?
If we believe that the best of all possible worlds is that nothing will change – that everything is perfect just as it is, we will be very disappointed. Change is a constant – kids grow up, friends grow old, our health changes, our minds get clearer, our memories fade – life is one big change – and we are always going to be in a state of transition – adapting to the current reality. The craziness of change might be coming from your resistance to this fact of life!

Here are three of my best tips to help you stop the craziness of change for you – and I know they are great tips because I practice them myself!

1. Accept what is.  As you look around and you see everything as it shouldn’t be, the resistance to what is can drain your energy and deplete your reserves. It is.  And you can’t do much about what has happened.  You can, however, have a significant impact on how you react to what is, and you can also have a significant impact on what will happen in he next minute, hour, day, month and ear if you turn your attention towards what you want instead of what you don’t want.

listen2. Pay attention to what you say. Every time you hear yourself talking about what you don’t want, realize that you are attracting more of what your don’t want to you!  Want to attract more good stuff?  Then talk about good stuff and what you are doing to move in the direction of the good stuff.

2.  Talk with others about what you want.  Not as in what I want for me, but what you want for everyone who is important to you – your family, your community, your gender, your profession, your world.  Then listen and be willing to accept what they offer. Sure you can do it alone, but why struggle? Why not graciously accept the gifts that others offer to you. Besides, it’s more fun, isn’t it?

OK – those are my best coaching tips –  what ideas do you have?

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